Our train to Salzburg involved going back to Vienna, and then onto Salzburg.  Salzburg wasn’t quite the metropolis we had got used to, it was instead a much smaller, quieter city, probably best know for ‘The Sound of Music’.

The house where Mozarts was born

The house where Mozarts was born

Our hostel, the Yoho International Youth Hostel, resembled an old school building and at the time of our visit had a few creepy builders knocking around the place.  They’d ‘cleverly’ (it was painfully obvious) stand at the top of the stairs so they could look down all the girls tops.  There were also wolf whistle, and snide comments.  We weren’t impressed. 

Our rooms weren’t too bad though.  I was actually separated from Esther and Ret on this occasion, but the people in my room were sound.

Our time in Salzburg was short so we set out exploring.  We crossed the river and went into the old town.  We bought and devoured pretzels from the market stalls once we’d ridden the tram up to the castle had had a look around and taken in the views of Salzburg on a sunny day.  To this point, the weather in each of the places we’d visited was amazing, a little cold maybe, but at least the sun was shining.

Salzburg Castle from below

Salzburg Castle from below

We had a quick dinner (microwaved to perfection) and drink in the hostel bar in the evening, but decided that it wasn’t for us and so set about looking for a bar in town.  Eventually we found a quaint ‘locals’ bar hidden down a random side bar, perfect for a quiet drink … 2 hours later we were necking some random XXX shots that Esther had decided we should try.  Another hour on from that we were doing Tequila (I think) shots with a couple of American girls we’d got chatting to.  Our quiet night had become quite the opposite.  The wine was also flowing quite nicely between Esther and Ret, whilst I was more than happy with the random beer I was supplied with.

Come kicking out time we proceeded to try locate our beds but failed miserably.  For 2 hours, maybe more we searched the streets of Salzburg for our elusive hostel, the girls giggling away and wanting piggy backs.  I’m pretty sure we walked past the hostel at least twice, maybe subconsciously we just didn’t want to go home?  I’d like to add that we did in fact have a map with us, but still couldn’t find the place.  Map reading FAIL!


  • The castle


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