Things to do in Grenada, comin’ at ya.

Now normally when I write a ‘top 5‘ post, it would only cover a single town or city.  It feels slightly strange writing a top 5 surrounding a whole country, but the Caribbean island of Grenada is so small, all of the below are easily done in a single day or two,  and all pretty affordable.  For example to drive from the red pin on the map below to the blue pin will take you roughly an hour, thats all.

Things to do in Grenada – The Map

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1.  Mini Roadtrip

Like I said, Grenada is pretty small, so you have no reason not to explore.  One of the best things to do in Grenada is to hire a car at roughly $60 US a day and drive around the entire island easily.  Alternatively you could get one of the comically names buses which seem to stop here there and everywhere whilst blaring local tunage.  Obviously the bus is the cheaper option, but note that the bus drivers can seem fairly cavalier in their ongoing quest to take punters from stop to stop.  Hold onto your hats and make you’ve got your insurance all sorted!

In addition to numbers 2-5 on this list, you may wish to visit the Rum Distillery, Grand Etang lake and monkey sanctuary or Mt Carmel Waterfall.  All of these are worth a quick stop.

Grenada, Rum Factory

Grenada, Rum Factory

Grenada, grand etang lake

grand etang lake

2.  Seven Sisters Waterfalls

There are a couple of gorgeous waterfalls in Grenada, but in my opinion, the Seven Sisters Waterfalls are the most amazing and getting to them involved a great hike.  Like most waterfalls on the island there are dive teams on hand to show off their skills for a small fee.  Visiting the Seven Sisters Waterfalls is more than solid inclusion on your list of things to do in Grenada.

Only falls 6 and 7 are swimable and the water is bloody cold, but once you’re in and used to it the falls are a very relaxing spot.  Well worth the muddy 45 minute hike from the main road.

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7 sisters waterfalls

3.  Learn how chocolate is made

Just look at it, look at it! That (below) is where chocolate comes from.  Who’d have thought it.  Take a trip to the Belmont Estate and learn how that which resembles something from the film Alien is made into the sexy goodness that is chocolate.

Read my full article on the Belmont Estate Cocoa Plantation to learn more on how chocolate is made.

Grenada, Belmont Estate, Cocoa Plantation, chocolate

4.  Grand Anse Beach

Grand Anse is the main beach on Grenada and therefore easily makes it into my top 5 things to do in Grenada.  Located on the west of the island it is sheltered from the Atlantic waves and affords a peaceful days sun worshipping.  If you get too hot, a variety of bars and restaurants line the beach.

Grenada, Grand Anse

5.  Diving/Snorkling

Unbeknown to me before I travelled to Grenada, the island (well, the sea surrounding it) is home to the worlds only underwater sculpture park.  We took a 3 hour snorkling trip from Grand Anse Beach for just $50US each.

Grenada, snorkling, underwater sculpture park