The Arcido Novaya, the piece of hand luggage I’ve been searching for for a long while! This stylish case, while aesthetically pleasing, is essentially a no frills number in that it does not bother with wheels or extendable handles. Instead of those unnecessary (in my opinion) features, the Novaya simply offers you more space of your clothes, cameras etc. In short is a big rucksack, but not so big that it doesn’t fall outside of hand luggage sizing restrictions.

Safe to say, I like the Novaya.

Arcido Novaya backpack

As is the way now, long weekends away are now a prominent fixture in our yearly calendar. I guess it makes sense what with so many cheap flights out of London to cool european destinations, and the Eurostar also on our doorstep.

Of course those cheap flights only stay cheap so long as your don’t start adding luggage into the equation, and even if you did add luggage, collecting it at the airport upon arrival only slows you down and eats into your precious time.

Travelling hand luggage only is now part and parcel of travelling for a lot of people, and this is where the Novaya comes into its own. Sure there are loads (and loads) of hand luggage options out there, but not so many which have thought about, and then incorporated only the real necessities. I mean, do you really need wheels on your hand luggage? … Unless you have a bad back, probably not.  Do you need the stress of waiting (and praying) at the luggage carousel that your hold luggage actually made it to your destination.  Nope!

Arcido Novaya backpack

Arcido Novaya backpack

Arcido Novaya backpack

Arcido Novaya backpack

Arcido Novaya backpack

Arcido Novaya backpack

The Arcido Novaya Features:

  • Opens like a mini suitcase
  • Backpack esq so can also be used as a day sack
  • Laptop ‘safe’ compartment with adjustable and removable harness
  • Large capacity (35 litres based upon dimensions)
  • Lightweight
  • Easy access passport pocket
  • Adjustable straps which can also be zipped away


The dimensions of the Arcido Novaya are 50cm x 35cm x 20cm.  This means it qualifies are hand luggage (currently) for the following airlines, and potentially more.






Air Lingus

Virgin Atlantic

British Airways


The Arcido Novaya retails at £65.00.

Final Thoughts:

While I’ve used them before, I’m not really one for wheels cases, instead I prefer something I can sling over my shoulder – a rucksack. My problem, or issue (until now) has been finding a rusksack big enough to hold a full weekends worth of clothes, toiletries and my camera gear.

The Novaya sees that problem solved, as well as the issue of my also requiring a day sack. Using a wheely case to get to and from my chosen destination is one thing. Using it when actually exploring that destination is just a no!

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Bag supplied by the good folks at for this review. As always though, the opinions contained within this review are very much my own.

Arcido Novaya backpack