“I regret travelling around the world; I wish I’d stayed home instead,”

… said no-one ever.

The open line to my friend Simon’s recent post entitled My biggest travel regrets.  You probably know Simon, he runs a super sweet blog over at http://www.manversusworld.com.  If you don’t know the fine fellow to which I am referring  or his blog, shame on you!  I suggest you hot step it over there and check it out, for his blog and the a fore mentioned post in particular have spawned a cool new tag post series, within which I have been lucky enough to be tagged.

I’ll admit I am a lucky git when it comes to travelling, this site is case in point to that fact, but I am my own worse enemy when it comes to thinking ‘what if’.  I wonder if I could have done things better or smarter, I wonder if I’ve missed out on experiences that could have changed me forever.  I guess you could say that makes me a greedy traveler of sorts, but doesn’t everyone have just a few little regrets from their time on the road?

1.  I didn’t explore Thailand

So its 2006 and I’m on my rtw trip.  In between leaving Sri Lanka and hitting Oz I stop in Thailand for a week.  A WEEK?  Whats that about?  God I wish I could slap my 24 year old self around the face with a power house backhander, the type that leaves you cheeks still shuddering a week later.  What on earth was I thinking, why didn’t I take a week or two or three to explore Thailand?

Luckily for my cheeks they were spared the pain of said backhander as I was able to right my wrong two years later and re-visit Thailand for a much longer period that an week.  It was worth the wait, but its a mistake I should never have made in the first place!

Train from Bangkok to Chang Mai Outside the a temple in Chang Mai

2.  I didn’t stay longer in India

India and I didn’t always get along.  For the first two weeks of my volunteering project I sat in the volunteer digs and twiddled my thumbs, the project I had signed up and payed for seemingly didn’t exist.  It was a pretty frustrating time.  Luckily things did get better, but by that point I was already set on returning to Sri Lanka early on the back of having had such an amazing time there before heading to India.

I spent those first couple of weeks as I say twiddling my thumbs and trying to get to know the other volunteers, but maybe I should just have been a bit more selfish and left the house to go explore the country!?  I could argue that I spent a fair bit of money on becoming involved with that volunteer project, but as it was nearly non existent maybe I should have just filed for a refund and left to explore India on my own.  I’m gutted I never made it north to Agra, and south west to Kerala.  One day in the future maybe …

Goa, India

3.  I didn’t go to Tasmania with a mate

Whilst in Oz like most I was determined to visit Ayers Rock and one random morning I walked into the travel agent and booked up my 4 day tour, happy days.  Upon returning to my hostel and meeting up with a mate, before I could tell him my epic news he told me he was off to Tasmania on a roadtrip for a week and asked if I wanted to join.  Hell yes did I want to join, a road trip sounded awesome, but wait what dates did you just say mate?  … ah feck they clash with the tour I just booked.

Now, yes I was on a budget, but why was I such a tight wod as to not even look into moving my Ayers Rock tour?  It might have cost $100 or so, but I would have probably waxed that down in the hostel bar within two evenings anyway, so $100 here or there wouldn’t have made a massive difference. I wish I wish I wish i’d have changed my dates and gone to Tazzy with my mate.

ayers rock

So there you have it, 3 of my biggest travel regrets.  To be fair, I have little to complain about when it comes to travel, I am very fortunate to be able to do what I do.  Still, every now and then I allow myself to wonder what if …

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