I like taking photos with my iPhone (I have a 4s by the way) and am a regular poster on Instagram.  Whilst I’ve noticed a growing trend of Instagram accounts including photos shot with DLSRs, I’ve decided to keep my strictly iPhonegraphy based … but that doesn’t mean I cant look to improve the quality of my iPhonography though does it.

Inspired by some travel blogging friends and their own iPhoneography exploits (@theblondegypsy , @BarefootBeachB and @BckPackerBanter), I have finally in my possession the equipment needed to take my own work to the next level (I hope).

Ladies and gents, I give you the ollclip



Clipping snugly onto the iPhone within seconds, the olloclip is billed as a ‘quick-connect lens solution for the iPhone’.  As mentioned, I was lucky enough to get my hands on one this week along with the cool quick-flip case accessory, and owing to this incredible weather we’re currently experiencing in the UK, I took to the outdoors for some product testing in the sun.  Here’s how I got on and a bit of background info.

The 3 in 1 Lenses

Take your pick, the olloclip offers a variety of three different lenses to choose from …

1.  Fisheye – captures a 180 Degree field-of-view to produce some striking images.

2.  Wide Angle – captures approximately double the field of view of a normal iPhone.

3.  Macro – applies roughly a 10X multiplier and allows you to focus the iPhone within 12-15mm of the subject.

The Quick-Flip Case

Simple but effective would be the best way to describe the case.  Molded to fit snugly around your iPhone, but with a small flip section sitting over the camera lens which allows for the speedy adding of the olloclip.

I’ve had a rubber based case for ages, so having a harder plastic case took a bit of getting used to a first, but the functionality is the key to this case, not the design.

My Example Photos

Lets start with a normal iPhone photo vs the wide lens vs the fisheye lens.

1.  Normal iPhone


2.  With the wide lens 

Its a pretty impressive range given by the wide lens when compared with a standard iPhone photo.  That said, with the iPhone also including a panoramic option now I’m not 100% on when I would use the wide lens.  Some more testing needed maybe.


3.  With the fisheye lens

I love the fisheye effect and I love having it on my iPhone.  All my previous fisheye photos came courtesy of my GoPro which is only 5MP.  Using the iPhone greater megapixels count makes for a great photo.


And now all together – Click for a larger image.

olloclipNow we move onto the macro lens, and I think this is actually my favourite of the 3 lenses that the olloclip has to offer.  Look at the detail that you can get on the tiniest of subjects – in this case a couple of daisies in the park.

Olloclip macro lens

Olloclip macro lens

Easy of use

Good god this couldn’t be simpler.  The lenses simply slide onto the corner of your iPhone which houses the camera.  The case as mentioned allows for the addition of the lenses due to its small flip.


The case, like any other is pretty much unnoticeable and will continually stay connected to your iPhone.

The lenses on the other hand you would carry separate to your iPhone until needed.  I must say that due to the size of the olloclip, I am continually worried about losing it.  Part of me wished there was a little chain (or something to that effect) so that I could attach the olloclip to my keys and feel a little more assured that it wont go walkabout when I am not paying attention.


There’s not really a whole lot of maintenance needed.  From time to time you might need to wipe a smudge or two off of the lenses, but so long as you have a lens cleaner and don’t lose the lens caps any maintenance would be minimal.


For the best deal you’ll buy the Olloclip and quick-flip case together, but they are also available separately.

–  Colloclip + Quick-Flip Case = $99.99 (£65.91)

–  Olloclip set = $49.99 (£32.92)

–  Quick-Flip Case = $69.99 (£46.13)

 … as you can see, buy the two items together will save you $19.99 (£13.18).

The Olloclip websites, both .com and .co.uk, have an online shop that quotes in dollars.  That’s the reason the GBP prices above are in brackets, they are relative to the conversion rate at the time of writing.

*The prices above do not include postage and packaging*


I have to tell you that I was provided with an Olloclip and case free of charge in exchange for testing and this review.

I should also tell you that I was also provided with a second set that I’ll be giving away at some point in the near future.  Check out my competitions page for details.