Grenada is a beautiful country and I took a LOT of photo’s whilst there. But even with all the photo’s I took of glorious beaches and stunning waterfalls, this photo of a simple TV remains my favourite from my two weeks on the Spice Island.

It was taken on the porch of my girlfriends dad’s house in a town called Grenville which is in the north east of the island.  He owns a couple of places out in Grenada and we were lucky enough to visit whilst he was hiding from the English winter.    The houses are a treasure trove of retro looking 80’s electronics.  Tape decks, ghetto-blaster sand VHS players are key features in most rooms and I loved them all.  The outdoor TV was the best though, its both funny but also incredibly cool.  Who needs a flat-screen held to your living wall by some funky bracket when you can have a 2D philips propped up on breeze block and with coconuts as decorations!?

Outdoor Tv in Grenada