The London 2012 Paralympics kicked off this past Wednesday (Aug 29th), and despite missing out of tickets to the Olympics, I was lucky enough to snare a couple of day passes to the Paralympics for Monday 3rd September.

Our Paralympic tickets are quite cool in that not only do we get entry to the park, but if there are any extra seats available in certain arena’s, we get to fill those seats.   Potentially we may be able to watch some amazing athletes in …

  • 7-a-side football @ the Riverbank Arena
  • Wheelchair basketball @ the Basketball Arena
  • Wheelchair tennis – @ Eaton Manor
  • Goalball @ the Copperbox


I’m hopeful of getting into at least 3 of those events, not bad for £10 (£5 OAP) if you ask me.

Anyway, so on the day I will not have access to my blog, but I will be carrying my Iphone and using it to capture all the action that I can aswell as a few snaps of the Olympic park itself.  You can follow my day at the London 2012 Paralympics  by simply checking out the below.  Using instagram and snapwidget I should be able to submit live pictures that will fill the space.  A bit like real time blogging I guess.  I’ll be using the hashtag #pb2012paralympics

Let me know what you think and COME ON TEAM GB!!!


London 2012 Paralympics photo grid

London 2012 Paralympics photo map (beta)