Adding a Google+ button to sharebar, and a Pin it button too, is pretty much essential when setting up your wordpress plugin.  They do not come as standard when you download the plugin, but thankfully they’re both really easy to add.

  1. Go to Settings in WordPress and select Sharebar
  2. Click “Add New Button”
  3. Name your button
  4. Input the desired position of the button
  5. Copy the code below and paste in the “Big Button” field
  6. Click “Add Button”
  7. Enable the button by checking the box to the left and click “Update” at the bottom


Adding a Pin it button to sharebar

Paste this code directly into the BIG BUTTON section and then press update.

Adding a Google+ button to sharebar

Paste the code from this link, making sure you are logged in first obviously – – it will look a little bit like this …