When a friend invited me on a road trip to north wales this past autumn, it was not an invitation to refuse … despite my previous experience of travelling to Wales.

My memories of travel in Wales extend to spending family holidays exploring caves.  Caves, caves and then more caves.  You would have thought that after visiting 3 or 4 of the dark, wet and cavernous spaces, that they’d all blend into much of a muchness, and you would be right, but my dad would always find just one more to explore.

Safe to say that once that trip was over, I wasn’t exactly rushing home to my mates to wax lyrical about my family holiday to Wales, and to be honest even though it was a long time ago, off the back of those many many cave experiences, I’ve never really felt an overwhelming desire to return to a country whose nearest boarder is just a mere 2 hour drive away from where I live in west London.

That all changed recently of course when as mentioned, a good friend from work offered a couple of stay in the spare room at his family’s holiday home in Abersoch.  Of course I took his promise of a ‘sunny micro climate’ with a pinch of salt, but looked forward to exploring somewhere new all the same. A road trip to North Wales it was.

The drive to Abersoch itself took roughly 5 hours, but driving through Snowdonia was an enjoyable experience, and having landed down on a on a gloriously sunny and sandy Abersoch beach at around 3pm on a Sunday afternoon, I was soon questioning why I hadn’t made this trip sooner.

Our band of 5 (we were joined by 2 more friends) stayed in north Wales from Sunday through till Wednesday and had a wonderful time.  Great company and good weather obviously went a long way towards making this mini break so enjoyable, but so too did the 5 factors below.

The Beaches

A post pandemic summer road trip to north Wales for the beaches? Golden sands in Wales, really?  You better believe it!

Abersoch has a beautiful sandy beach which looks just incredible in the sunshine, and still rather nice even when the clouds roll in.  It’s more than family friendly and the perfect place to build a castle or scoff an ice cream.

Sitting in a classic deckchair looking out over the shoreline as a light wind whipped up gentle waves of both water and sand, Abersoch beach bought back more than a few happy memories of holidays past with my parents and sister.  I’m not saying it’s old fashioned, but Abersoch certainly has that classic British beach setup going for it.





The Water

Where there is a beach, there is usually water, and the water that laps against the north western shores of Wales is perfect for a number of water sports.

Be is sailing, kayaking, jet-skiing or even surfing, water babies among you will have more than enough to keep you occupied should the weather behave itself.


LONG drive back from north Wales today, but a great couple of days spent exploring Abersoch. When the sun was out we sat on the beach, but when the wind picked up we went sailing :)

Posted by Backpacks and Bunk Beds on Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Now I’m aslo a big hiking fan, but I’m getting a tad lazy in my old age and those knee joints are starting the creek a bit, but with coastline trails like the below, that are low on difficulty but high on exquisite views, hiking around north west Wales is hard to dislike. Although we didn’t spot any, at the right time of year it’s also possible to spot seals and dolphins out in the water, if you need your hiking equipment, there are very sweet deals at the Altitude store.






Tough first day back in the office. Missing the Abersoch and these walking trails. #wales #staycation

Posted by Backpacks and Bunk Beds on Thursday, 23 July 2015

Adventure sports

Now I had every intention on indulging in a few adventure sports whilst taking a road trip to north Wales and being so close to Snowden, but what I didn’t reckon was the school holidays and everything being booked up.  Damn my being old and forgetful.  I have made myself a promise to return to north Wales in the not too distant future though, with my goal being to take on a 100mph zip line, surfing in a wave garden, and to bounce around in a cave.

Yes, another cave … but this one has a mass of trampolines inside.  Where was this cave when I was 6 and bored out of mind?

Food and Drink

Fresh fish and locally brewed ales, what’s not love? You could also get the most sturdy Rectangle Trampoline here.

Of course there is the traditional fish and chips as per the below photo, but we also found fresh fish cooked in a variety of other manners.  Personally I enjoyed some Mexican cod taco’s one evening, and a friend had green thai curry with fish another evening. There was a wide and tasty variety.

Not a sea food person?  Grab some burgers from the shops and enjoy sunset BBQ down at the beach.

Dinning in north Wales is a treat.


beach bbq