Laos and Cambodia last year, Vietnam this.  Like so many others before me, I have well and truly fallen for the charms of South East Asia.

When last year I was lucky enough to win a competition through for a flight to the value of £1,000, it was almost a no brainier in terms of where to head.  Actually that’s a lie, I toyed with the idea of Canada for a while, but decided that a trip across the Rockies from Calgary to Vancouver was more befitting of 3-4 weeks of my time, something my employer would not allow for a second year running.  Vietnam however, whilst being a pretty large country, is set up perfectly so that you can make it from north to south, or south to north in just 2 weeks.  I’m not saying that 2 weeks in the ideal amount of time to make the journey, most backpackers would want 3 weeks or even a month spent along that path, but such is the reality of being a part time blogger with a 9-5, I’m overjoyed at the thought of 14 days in this wonderful part of the world.

Being the good boyfriend I am, naturally I split the winnings with the mrs, so as per usual she’s along for the ride.  She’s actually wanted to go to Vietnam for longer than I have, so its all worked out pretty nicely.  We fly out from Heathrow straight after work on Friday April 4th, in fact by the time you are reading this we will already be in Asia, so the tense I just wrote the above sentence in is completely wrong, ah well.  Anyway, from Heathrow to Hanoi, then onto Ha Long Bay, Hoi Ann, Nah Trang and lastly HCMC is the rough plan we have figured.  I’m also tempted by Mui Ne, but will decide whether or not to visit nearer the time, unlike most of our trips, we don’t actually have everything booked yet.  Eek!

And so to the pictures, the interesting bit. Sorry about the above, I always feel that its somewhat necessary to have a bit of an explanation (spiel) with these posts, but I am under no illusions that the photos are the interesting bit, so here they are.  As per usual, via internet wizardry, any photos I upload to my Instagram account will also magically end up here.  I hope you’ll join us on our trip through Vietnam from wherever you are in the world.  If you have any tips or recommendations they’d be great to hear.  Thanks!