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Notre Dame – A glitch in the matrix

By | April 4th, 2016|Categories: Bosnia, France, Vietnam|Tags: , , , , , |

Notre Dame (the one in Paris, AKA Notre-Dame de Paris) is an incredible structure, a marvel. A historic Catholic cathedral on the eastern half of one of two remaining natural islands in the River Seine,  Notre Dame [...]

5 things to do in Ho Chi Ming City / Saigon

By | January 28th, 2016|Categories: Vietnam|Tags: , |

When visiting Vietnam you'll no doubt work your way from north to south, or from the south up to the north.  As such, Ho Chi Ming City (HCMC) will most likely be either you entry [...]

5 things to do in Hanoi, Vietnam

By | January 26th, 2016|Categories: Vietnam|Tags: , |

I really liked Hanoi, like REALLY liked it. Maybe because it was our first stop in Vietnam, having chosen to see this part of the world by working from north to south, or maybe it [...]

Hoi An by Day and Night {Photo Essay}

By | January 5th, 2016|Categories: Vietnam|Tags: , |

Hoi An was most definitely our favourite spot in Vietnam.  Whilst we only (1st world problems) had 2 weeks to explore Vietnam owing to work commitments and annual leave allowances, we chose to spend a large [...]

Why Vietnam should think about renaming itself VietNOM

By | June 23rd, 2014|Categories: Vietnam|Tags: , , |

I’ve never really been about food, I mean I like food sure, lots of it, specially when it comes to orangina drinks, and yes my palate has increased slightly for the experience of travel. But [...]

Hoi An – How much does a tailored mens suit cost?

By | May 12th, 2014|Categories: Budget Travel, Vietnam|Tags: , , |

Hoi An was easily my favourite stop in Vietnam, which comes as somewhere as a surprise considering that to say that I simply hate shopping would be an understatement, I absolutely, unequivocally loath shopping, and [...]

Halong Bay: What to expect from a 3 day/2 night tour

By | May 5th, 2014|Categories: Video, Vietnam|Tags: , , |

Would you, or anyone else for that matter, ever think of visiting Vietnam without booking on a tour of Halong Bay? Probably not as that would be silly. Whether booking well in advance, or a [...]

Mapped Instagrams from Vietnam

By | April 6th, 2014|Categories: Real Time Blogging, Vietnam|Tags: , , |

Laos and Cambodia last year, Vietnam this.  Like so many others before me, I have well and truly fallen for the charms of South East Asia. When last year I was lucky enough to win [...]