New York, New York – Words from a rather famous song by one Frank Sinatra there. Seriously though, it’s up to you! … read on and you will understand why.

As you may have seen, last Friday I was both excited and delighted to announce on my Facebook page that I am off to travel New York in early October with TravelSupermarket. My date of travel is in fact October 9th which is exactly one week away, thats equally terrifying as it is exciting. I’ve never visited NYC before so this is an oober incredible opportunity for me. I am counting down the days.

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NYC A to Z

The New York City Plan

So what’s the plan for NYC and why have TravelSupermarket been kind enough to send me there? Well, the plan is to spend the best part of 3 days exploring and at the request of TravelSupermarket, compile a comprehensive A to Z of the city through all manner of social media. That includes Facebook updates, Tweets, Instagram photos and Vine videos. I’ll also be running my usual real time blogging page so that you can follow my movements around the Big Apple, and on top of that I’ll be taking hundreds upon hundreds of photos with my DSLR and hoping to bring you a few more of my 360 photos. Oh and then upon my return there might be just a few blog posts. I have my work cut out and am set for a busy few days in NYC, but I am not for one second complaining and plan to enjoy every second of it.

Where you come in

So its a big job, and erm basically I need some help please. I’ve worked out and listed quite a few of my A to Z sites below, but there’s still a couple of gaps that I need to fill and there’s every chance I have a few of the below wrong. OK there is no ‘wrong’ as such, but maybe you have an alternative that you think I’d be better off seeing, or maybe a hidden gem you wish to spread the word about. Seriously guys, any help on this would be massive and greatly appreciated so drop me a comment below if you have any suggestions for sites, or if you have any awesome tips for a first time visitor to NYC.

A American Museum of Natural history
B Brooklyn Bridge
C Chinatown
D Diners/Deli (food)
E Empire State building
F Flatiron Building
G Grand Central Station
H High Line
I Irish bars
J Jazz bars
K NY Knicks @Maddison Sq Garden
L Little Italy
M Manhattan Skyline
N Nine Eleven Memorial
O Outlet Stores
P Parks – central etc
Q Queens – Flushing Meadows/Corona Park
R Rockafeller Centre
S Statue of Liberty
T Times Square
U Union Square
V Vendors (street vendors)
W Wonder Wheel (Coney Island)
X Malcom X blvd
Y Yellow Cabs
Z Central Park Zoo

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What I’m most excited about

NYC has been on my wishlist for a while. Whilst I expect that my entire trip will be incredible, there are admittedly a few of the above that I am particularly keen to see for myself.

C – Central Park

A park is a park in some senses, London has plenty of cool parks, but something draws me to Central Park. The thought of kicking through leaves whilst walking from the big city to the zoo sends happy thoughts through my brain. I really hope the leaves on the trees are a rainbow of colours.

D – Diners/Delis

Food glorious food. I love diner culture, the booths, the jukeboxes, the ridiculously thick milkshakes, and of course the food. No word of a lie, I’ve already looked up one of the diners that featured on Man Vs Food.

M – Manhatten Skyline

Its iconic isn’t it. I can’t wait to get a great landscape shot of the skyline, maybe even a 360 photo including the jungle of skyscrapers.

R – Rockafeller Centre

The Top of the Rock observation deck sounds like a stand out attraction in NYC.

W – The Wonder Wheel @ Coney Island

Coney Island was the scene of one of my favourite films ever. The Warriors, released in 1979, is a cult classic of a film that centred around New York street gangs and their turf wars. Less brutal than it sounds, its a masterpiece. Can you dig it?

Y – Yankee Stadium

As you may well know, I am quite the sports fan. I understand the basics of baseball, but am yet to grasp its finer points, or to even witness a game.

How to follow the A to Z challenge

Like most social media platforms, my live blogging of NYC will heavily utilise hashtags. There will be three different hashtags that you should keep an eye out for.

#ATOZOFNYC – the official hashtag to be used on all of my own and TravelSupermarkets social media channels

#PBNYCATOZ – my very own hashtag to capture my A to Z of NYC live

#PBNYCLIVE and #PBNYCLIVEMAP – the second of my own hashtags to capture not only my A to Z, but the rest of my travels in NYC live

Once I’m done exploring New York (boo) I’ll be heading back to London where understandably I’ll have loads to write about, so check back as and when you can for what I imagine will be quite a few follow up posts.

Simple really.