An A to Z of New York, coming right up.

As a part of my travel around NYC with Travelsupermarket this week, I have been tasked with the job of creating an A to Z of the city. This is no easy task I’m sure you’ll agree, but via the magic of social media I hope to be able to bring to you my chosen sights/ sounds/tastes/attractions/experiences. Check out the photo grid and map below for the chosen 26 which will appears as and when I submit an instagram of them using the hashtag #pbNYCAtoZ.

I’ll post full write ups on each of the photos upon my return, but for now I thought that this would be a cool way for you guys to keep a track of the challenge.

In addition the A to Z challenge I’ll also be live blogging about NYC as a whole, photographing and filming absolutely anything I find of interest. Those photos will not appear on the grid and map below however, and if you’re looking for those snap shots and clip you need to head over to my NYC live blogging page. Confused? Just check out both pages :)


Click here to read the official TravelSupermarket challenge announcement

NYC A to Z