I am no blogging expert, that much is at times painfully clear, but having been in the travel blogging game for a year or so now, I find the below are regular emotions I experience whilst writing, reading, formatting, designing, planning etc.  Like most I put a lot into my blog and when it pays off its great, but then i’ll go do something I think is amazeballs (such as my latest series on roadtripping ireland), but a lack of response from readers will leave me feeling a little flat.  Ah well, the ups and downs of running a travel blog I guess.  


  • Yes, my tweet got re-tweeted by the lonely planet.
  • Woo, even without promoting it, my new post got XX number of hits.
  • Sweet, i’ve been offered sponsored accomodation on my next trip.
  • Blogger meet up in London this week, a chance to meet some new peeps and old mates.
  • PR event invite, tar very much.
  • OMG I have like sooooooo many great blog ideas at the moment, where to start?
  • 10 new comments and none of them spam (happy face).
  • BOOM, I won a writers competition.
  • Nice email from a reader, always great to read.
  • Alexa rank has gone down, love a bit of that.
  • Google page rank gone up, love a bit of that too.



  • Seriously, not 1 comment on my blog this whole week?  I published 3 new posts.
  • What?  That new blogger has like 1000 more followers on twitter than me already.  How did they manage that?
  • God no, my host server is down.
  • Ahhhhh, writers block.
  • Get out of my inbox – SPAM SPAM SPAM.
  • Ooh an advertisment opportunity … oh, its one of those, an ‘amazing’ opportinuity to published original premium content for  on my site in return for one ‘small’ link.  Bore off!
  • Hmmm I commented on XX other blog posts this week and not one of those bloggers has returned the favour (sad face)
  • What do you mean your hostel doesnt have wifi?
  • WordPress you are a bitch, your updates have onec again fecked up my theme, I have a right mind to slap you with a wet fish.


Ever feel the same way?  Do other things make you happy or sad about your blogging exploits?  What frustration do you have with running your blog?  I’d love to know if others out there go through the same emtions, its a funny old game this blogging lark.