Got a couple of messages from home over the past couple of days telling me how miserable it is back home (and how i almost lost my bedroom to a tree) so i thought it was about time i put up another entry and remind you all of what an awesome time i’m having, arent i nice?! Must have been a couple of weeks since my last entry by now anyways … and nice to see QPR still haven’t won since then.

Well, the night after my last entry I did as planned and went to a comedy night with Carl, Hannah & Paul. For $10 it was a bargain and I’ve been back again since. I also went to see Sydney FC again, although this time they crashed to a 1-0 defeat to bottom of the league New Zealand Knights. Sydney did hit both posts in the second half and it was generally a much better game than the last, just a shame they couldn’t find a goal. To be fair NZ did have a squad that included legends of the English leagues such as Neil Emblem (wolves), Scott Gemmil (Forest) and Richard Johnson (QPR & Watford).

The day after that I had a job interview for parexcel … this work thing has been a bit of a nightmare …. Do I work? Don’t I work? Do I want to work? Do I need to work? Can I be arsed to work? … Well you’ll be glad to know that after many a’ failed attempt I’ve just decided to become a full time bum and do nothing. It may mean i get home a month or two earlier than planned but I think i’ve made the right decision.

On the Tuesday to add to my misery of people leaving, Carl flew back (eventually) to Heathrow, and Hannah & Paul moved onto Perth … GUTTED! Hannah & Paul are definately some of the nicest people i’ve met in Sydney, hope it all goes well in Perth for them. On the wed of that week I used the free cricket tickets I got given on my stadium tour and went with Sy to meet Amanda and watch a 20/20 game. That was really cool actually, relaxed atmosphere but exciting at the same time, I’d definitely go again. You get $100 for catching a 6, we didn’t catch any, b*****! The telstra stadium also looks so epctacular at night, the people sorting – or at least trying – wembley should take note!

Even though those guys have left I still managed to meet some pretty cool people. A few of which I met on the coastal walk which I did for the second time. As it happens it worked out quite nicely. The walk was rammed and so Steff (the hostel host) asked me to help out and I got a $25 bar tab – score! Put that to use that night as I met Sy and Alexia, whom I met on the walk, down the bar.

Been going down Sy’s place a fair bit of late. Bronte’s a cool beach and has a shop that even sells slush puppies!! How exciting is that!? We also had a wicked curry down there one night and photo’d the cemetery at sunset.

Been doing a few other touristy things too you’ll be glad to hear, I’m not always drinking. I’ve been to the maritime museum, the contempory arts museum, went to see a stage show during the Sydney festival, been to manly beach and visited the oldest building in Sydney … then we visited the oldest pubs in Sydney but we can overlook that.

Sy left for home on Sunday 21st, but not after one more party down Side bar. Las Vegas night was a good night, not that Sy can remember much of it. Said goodbye on the Sunday, but said we’d meet up when I get home. Bit of a legend that lad, losing ya passport on your first night … classic .. and he thought he’d lost it in a strip club. Thats funny s***!!

Since then I’ve been spending a fair bit of time with Alexia and the crew from her room. She’s wicked … although she’s now left too … but is coming back. There’s been a fair bit of banter and trying to out-do one another with insults, and sometimes she even beats me … and by sometimes I obviously mean all the time, DOH! It’s been cool, a few of us went to a race day at randwick organissed by wake up. Both me and Alexia won free $10 bets … her horse came first, she won $30 … my horse came last (was 2nd favorite too) and i won sweet FA with a little bit of piss taking on the side. My betting days are over, not as if i can bet on QPR to win is it!? All the people in her room are sound and we all went to that comedy night again, Marcus from my room joined us too. We all went to a beach day Wake up organized too. That was a good day, it was at Palm beach which you may know better as Summer Bay … Home & Away. Played volleyball there and got the use of a surf board for an hour or two. Didn’t take quite the same beating as I did in Hikkaduwa, and actually got up on a few waves but still … surf camp will sort me out. I blame the lack of gym accessability over the past 4/5 months, my guns have shunk consideraby and paddling out and onto waves was bloody hard work. I’m afraid the gun show is no more … no refunds.

Big Day Out

I spent yesterday at the Big Day Out festival with Karen & Pete who both arrived back on Wednesday, happy days! So yeah, we went to this festival and Pete managed to get us guest passes which meant easier access to beer – always a good thing. We managed to see ‘the amazing beat box band’, Lilly Allen, My Chemical Romance, The Killers, Jet & Muse. The Killers were the highlight of my day, Mr Brightside live … almost wet myself with excitement! Again, Muse were unbelievable and sent me into a trance. Didnt realise they were so big down under. Me and Karen got right down the front for those (whilst pete sat in the stands and surrounded himself with random hot swedish girls), after almost getting crushed in the entry tunnel to the inner circle. Biggest mosh all day that was. Jet were unbelievably bad, but Lilly Allen was funny as hell … and out of 2 I’d give her … Bit gutted we didn’t get to see Kasabian or the Streets as they overlapped with The Killers, but the streets are playing in town tomorrow so I might try go then.

Australia Day

Today is Australia Day! Sounds as if it’s pretty big out here. Gonna go down the rocks and watch a couple more bands later, then watch the fireworks down Darling Harbour.

Next week I’m gonna go a few more touristy things with Karen before she leaves again, then hopefully I’m going to the one day match with Mike when he gets back from Taz. Then on the 4th I’m off to Ayers rock for a couple of days, that’s gonna be awesome. Then when I get back the parents arrive (providing BA behave).

Very tired but very happy out here. I’ve now got to go buy some bread, some cough medicine (caught the black plague – man flu) and try rediscover my voice … or learn sign language

Until next time.