G’day mate (God, I’m SO original sometimes it hurts!) … or maybe that pain is due to the vast consumption of alcohol last night … yep that’ll probably be it. Oh the pain, lots of gaps from last night, don’t remember leaving and a little unsure of how I made it to my bed, but at least I got back there, alone sadly … well actually, the state I was in I could well have ended up waking up next to ….. best not thinking about it.

Moving on ……………… quickly!!

So incase you haven’t already guessed I’m in Oz, Sydney to be exact. Arrived last Wednesday and it’s been really good. The hostel I’m staying in is the best in the world, literally, its won loads of awards. I’m in an 8 person dorm which is good fun and all the others are really nice. Think I’m going to a neighbours night with a few of them tonight, see Harold Bishop and Paul Robinson The bar downstairs is also good fun, if not a little too convenient for visiting each night. It all reminds me a bit of uni, the SU bar etc.

So, what have I been up to? … Well obviously I’ve been down to the harbor, seen the bridge and the opera house which is pretty impressive. I’ve been to Bondi and most of the other beaches along that stretch, they’re all amazing. The hostel organize a weekly walk along the coastal footpath, so I done that last Friday. Meet some cool people, notably Simon and Peter. Been hanging out and drinking with those two most days. Met loads of other people too, from all over the world but people move on pretty quickly so to find people that are sticking around is a touch. Pete for example is moving up to Brisbane in a couple of days which is a bit gutting. Luckily Simon is sticking around, we said we’d try look for a flat together in the New Year … once we’ve found jobs. Didn’t intend to get a job until the New Year but that plan rapidly changed due to it being rather pricey being on the lash most nights. I spent most of yesterday afternoon applying and have an interview on Monday. Doesn’t look like I’ll get bar work or retail work though, because of the time of year, so its data entry and admin for me … oh joy! Money though, and much needed.

Right back on track, what else have I done? I’ve been to the botanical gardens which were cool, nice and sunny that day so I sat and read there for a couple of hours. Been s***ty weather over the last couple of days, bit better today. On Tuesday I went with Pete on an organized trip to the Blue Mountains. It was really good in places, just a shame the weather was so bad. The fog ruined any hope we had of good views, but the pockets or rainforest in the canyons were really impressive, never been in any rainforest before. Got taught about the things that could kill us down there by the guide, snakes & spiders, really interesting if not a little scary.

Sydney FC

Thursday A few of us went to watch Sydney Fc. Good night out even if the standard of footy was pretty dire … but i should be used to that shouldn’t I ?! Saw a few familiar faces, Steve Corica and Stan Lazaridis, oh and Terry Butcher’s the Sydney Fc manager. The crowd gets quite involved, all the usual chants and we all got drenched in beer when Sydney scored. I was really impressed with the noisy away following of Perth, be interesting to know if they’re all based in Sydney or if some of them really did make the trip all the way from the west coast, that’d be hardcore. To complete the wonder that is Aussie football, there was free face painting. It was probably for the kids but it was free (the student in me still lives). I’ll probably go to the next game in Jan … not for the footy, but for the face paint obviously.

Friday night me Pete and Si went down Darling harbor for a few drinks. Darling harbors amazing, it had loads of money put into it when all the Olympic building was going on, and they done a bloody good job. There’s all these cool water features and park areas, and in the actual harbor there’s now million dollar yachts everywhere, shame all the bars there reminded me of nazdreguyegiefuewrfhr (… however you spell it) in uxbridge, and I think its common knowledge that I have a distinct disliking for that bar.

Xmas party

Yesterday was all about the xmas party, 7-10 happy hour … need I say more. Probably not, but I’m going to anyway. It’s about a pound for a ‘schooner’ or beer, which works out at about two thirds of a pint, but the beers stronger. Add that to cheesy music and a few good Indy songs (Mr Brightside – my favorite song) and it all gets very messy. Not sure whether watching the cricket down the park today will aid my recovery or hinder it even more so.

Still got plenty to do in Sydney before I b***** off up the east coast in April, the sky tower, aquarium, Imax cinema, 5 degrees (a bar made entirely from ice) and the bridge walk among other things. Haven’t sorted out xmas eve or new years eve yet, need to get on the case on that one. Think the fire works show in Sydney harbor is the obvious and most likely choice. Looking forward to seeing some faces from home, Carl arrives this week I think, then Nicki the week after, and the parents in Feb. I’ll do the honorable thing and save all my washing for you mum, don’t panic. I know you’ve missed doing that.

Right well that’ll do for today, think I need a subway and some more sleep as I’m slowly realizing that I’m probably still smashed and will look back at this in horror in a week or so.

Night night people.