The saying goes that ‘if it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it’ … but what if you can make some seriously cool improvements?

Back in 2017, at the end of May, I wrote a review on the Sungod Classics² sunglasses.  Now just two years later, having also produced several other designs such as the Pacebreakers and Sierras, Sungod have now launch the Classic³ design.

Hello summer, hello my (also) new Sungod Customer Classics³.

Sungod Custom Classics³

Whats New?

So whats new exactly?  What do the Classic³ have that the Classic² did not?

Well, firstly there is now an additional customisation option.  Whereas with the Classic² you could customise ‘only’ the frames and lenses, you’re now able to customise the Sungod logo colour on the arms of the Classic³.  A neat little option, adding yet more options to exactly how the sunglasses can be tailored to your individual tastes.

The biggest change, or upgrade, however is the move from metal screwed hinges to Sungods new Pop-Lock™ screw less hinges.  Fewer parts to worry about, no metal to rust or screws to lose.  This is a win.

Lastly there’s some awesome new packaging.  Rather than the older cardboard box type packaging, there’s now a nicely branded case, with magnetic seal.  Another win.

Sungod Custom Classics

Sungod Custom Classics³

Sungod Custom Classics³

Sungod Classics³ Customisation

As with all of the different Sungods ranges, such as the Vanguard Snowboarding Goggles and Pacemaker sunglasses, the new Classics³ are fully customisable, from frame to lens to Sungod symbol.

With new custom options such as new colours, different lens types (polarised vs non), and even finishes (matt finish and tortoise shell for example) being added all the time, everyone can create their own personalised eyewear, to suit conditions and/or tastes.

… just be warned that there are a LOT of options and combinations.

Sungod custom

Sungod Sierras


  • Light weight – just 28g
    • 56mm Wide
    • 18mm Bridge
    • 135mm Arm length
  • 100% UVA + UVB protection
    • exceeding EN ISO 12312-1:2013 (CE), and
    • ANSI Z80.3 (FDA) standards.
  • SunGod 4K Optics® Polycarbonate lenses with impact resistance.
    • Advanced polarised filter for enhanced optical clarity and precision (optional).
  • Triple-layer scratch resistant coating + anti-reflective inner lens coating.
  • Covered by the SunGod Lifetime Guarantee.
    • If your Sungod frames break at any point, Sungod will replace them free of charge!


Hash tag #Adventureproof.

Adventureproof® flexible frame material, can be flexed without snapping or showing signs of any stress, and always returning to their original shape.

  • High-tensile, durable and lightweight for all day wear.
  • Pop-Lock™ screwless hinges.
  • Cool matte finish, which stay in place not matter where you’re soaking wet or boiling hot.

The Custom Classics³, as with the Classic² and all other Sungod style frames, are #Adventureproof. meaning that should they break (or more likely, YOU break them), Sungod will replace your frames. Super-duper flexible frames, which are also scratch proof btw, make for a robust pair of sunnies.

sungod adventureproof

My Experience

So i’m still a full time 4 eyes, and am still oober protective over my prescription sunglasses which are really quite handy (read: imperative) for driving.  So wearing the prescription number when on a glacier, or mountain biking etc is a still a no no.  I need that second pair, which are more robust and up to a challenge.

Now Sungod do not offer prescription lenses, and so to state the obvious my Custom Classics³ are not prescription, but they do created the perfect foil to my sunglasses which I rely on for driving in the sun, reading etc.


The Custom Classics³ retail from £45 – £70 per pair, depending upon whether you want polarised lenses or not.

Purchase your Sungod Custom Classics³ here.

Purchase Here


Win a pair of Sungods Classics³

Hopefully you’re still reading, and haven’t already splashed the cash for a pair of new Classic³’s, because here’s a quick opportunity to try win yourself a free pair. Yep, FREE!!

Simply click on my special link below, fill out the required details, and then you’re in with a shot of winning.

This Sungods ‘competition’ is odds based, there is no end date or question to answer, you just have to be the lucky one who gets picked at random by their system.  Even if you don’t win first time around, by sharing the competition details you’ll receive a second chance. Nice!

Click the link, you have nothing to loose and everything (goggles and glasses) to gain.

Good luck!



I am an official ambassador for Sungods.  Purchasing their products via links in this review post may result in my earning a small commission.  I hope thats cool!

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