Well the snow is gone.  As summer approaches, my new Sungod Custom Revolts snowboarding goggles are now well and truly packed away under the bed.  Hibernating until winter rolls around again.  Lucky for me though the guys at Sungod actually started out with producing sunglasses.  Hello summer, hello my (also) new Sungod Customer Classics².

Sungod custom classics


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The Custom Classics² offer a timeless and stylish design which is perfect for the fearless traveller. Super-duper flexible frames, which are also scratch proof btw, make for one robust pair of sunnies.

Bundle in Sungods 4KO® lens technology and your optical experience is looking up! … not literally, figure of speech.

sungod adventureproof

Sungod Custom

As with the Revolts Snowboarding Goggles, their Classics² are fully customisable in terms of frame colour, lens colour and symbol colour.

New colours are being added on quite a regular basis, so this is a great opportunity to create your own eyewear to best suit your personality and personal tastes.

… just be warned that there are a LOT of options and combinations.

sungod custom


  • Adventureproof® flexible frame material. High-tensile, durable and lightweight for all day wear.
  • Cool matte finish with brushed metal icons and secure steel pins.
  • 100% UVA + UVB protection exceeding EN ISO 12312-1:2013 (CE) and ANSI Z80.3 (FDA) standards.
  • SunGod 4K Optics® Polycarbonate lenses with impact resistance.
  • Triple-layer scratch resistant coating + anti-reflective inner lens coating.
  • Advanced polarised filter for enhanced optical clarity and precision (optional).
  • White 100% Microfibre cleaning/storage pouch.
  • Covered by the SunGod Lifetime Guarantee.


My experience

Now as you may or may not know, I wear glasses full time.  A couple of years back I took the plunge and invested in a pair of prescription sunglasses, and to be honest they’ve been brilliant.

So brilliant have they been in fact, that I am really quite protective of them (read: always scared of breaking them).  While my Sungod Custom Classics² may not be prescription, they do created the perfect foil to my sunglasses which I rely on for driving in the sun, reading etc.

In my Custom Classics² I can dive around on a sandy beach, cannonball into water, play sports, go sandboarding etc.  No worries about breakage, and in turn no worries about not being able to drive home while a low lying sun streams in through the cars front window screen.

It may seem slightly odd that I carry around 2 pairs of sunglasses, but it works for me, and gives me piece of mind that I have a pair which I can rely on to be robust and durable, not to mention stylish.


The Custom Classics² retail at £60 per pair (plus P&P).

There are also also two other options however, the Sungod Mavericks and Renegades, each with their own price.

I’ve reviewed the Custom Classics² because they are what I own, but check out the alternatives if you want a slightly different style.

Purchase your Sungod Custom Classics² here.


I am an official ambassador for Sungods.  Purchasing their products via links in this review post may result in my earning a small commission.  I hope thats cool!

Sungod custom classics sunglasses

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