That’s it, all done at travelers, one more night then off to Thailand. Don’t think I’ve ever been this nervous about anything, actually feel quite sick … but I doubt you wanted to know that. Just said goodbye to Samie, she’s off home and now I’m on my tod … well possibly, Sophie might be at the house tonight, but still I’m absolutely gutted that it’s all over. MY GOD I’ve turned into a girl, listen to me. Right time to act manly … GRRrr. So what have I been up to since last time I hear you cry? Well, other than being really manly (GGRRr), I’ve had a week back in Sri Lanka and its been awesome. Literally as I was writing my last update a few of the girls walked into the internet café so it was all hello’s and how are you’s, I met up with the rest back at the house and even met some new people, Jilly, Janet and Sarah who was really cool!

During some story swapping I found out I’d missed a fair bit whilst I’d been in India. Turns out a couple of weeks ago Ja Ela flooded, so no matter which country I’d had been in, India or Sri Lanka, I wouldn’t have been doing much coaching. Also turns out that if I had stayed (and this is a worse case scenario) I could have been arrested, jailed and deported. Can’t really say to much more, travelers wont be happy that I’ve said this much, but jut take my word for it.

So, on a lighter note, Thursday night. Well on Thursday night we all went into Colombo, to a place called Bistro Latino. We were ‘celebrating’ Sarah’s birthday (isn’t actually till December but still). The food was pretty good, and so were the cocktail too judging by the way the girls were knocking them back. It was a Salsa themed bar, dancing included. Being white and male I never stood a chance but a few of the locals were pretty handy and danced with the girls throughout the night. One of them was a bit of a pr**k, sort of took an instant disliking to him and did on one occasion tell him to F off as he tried to drag Sophie outside against her will. As it turns out he’s considered to be something of a local hard nut, so I could have ended up getting a swift kicking but I think he mistook my conjunctivitis for some kind of red eyed rage … just as well … for him obviously! Good night actually, topped off with free chocolate birthday cake, result!

Friday morning I spent mostly down the hospital trying to get my eye sorted. To be fair the doc done good and its pretty much cleared up now, although he did insist on lecturing me about how hard it is to get a council home in Blackburn … tell me about it ….another time. By two in the afternoon be were on the train down to Hikkaduwa for Charlottes birthday weekend (this time it was actually a legitimate birthday). Stayed in the Moon Beam hotel, same as last time and had a pretty cool weekend. The Friday night we went out to eat and then to a sort of club, I didn’t last long as my eyes got the better of me but I think all the girls enjoyed it, Natalie and Charlotte the prime sufferers the next morning. The Saturday morning I was actually beaten up, not however by some random Colombo gangster … nope far more embarrassing than that, beaten up by the sea. I thought hiring a surf board would be good and the waves didn’t look overly big … until I got out there, and it took me ages to get out there because of one of the strongest undercurrents I’ve ever experienced, but then again I’m not sure my odd weeks surfing in Newquay is adequate preparation for Sri Lankan surf anyway. The sea was Nelson and I was Millhouse, it even robbed me of my dinner money (if anyone finds a gold ring with a black stone in or around the Arabian Sea can I have it back please?!). The heavens opened just as I was finishing up being beaten senseless and sunbathing was then null and void for the rest of the day. It did however clear up for the main event of the weekend, Charlottes birthday dinner and evening out. The meal was really nice and involved lots of photos, more cake, random accessories (I had to wear sparkly bangles just like all the girls … yeah I did, not afraid to admit it, I’m a team player!) and lots of drinks, as to be expected. After the meal we set about playing the most complicated game of 21’s I think anyone’s ever come up with and then I introduced the girls to ‘bunny ears’. Needless to say they were rubbish and by the end were on their way to some awesome hangovers. The celebrations had however only just started, there was still the Saturday night party at Mambo’s to attend. What a party! Much better than last time, music included. Still cant believe they played Nirvana, it maybe have been in-between their techno rubbish but they played it. Bryan Adams also done a song after much requesting, and there were a few other tunes played too. By about three we were all sat on the beach, random sri lankans talking at us, I had one guy telling me over and over that people from Greenland and Iceland eat fish … thanks for that, I’ll write it down so I don’t forget.

Sunday was travel back to Ja ela day. Train didn’t leave till four so we sat in the sun till then. The train back was erm interesting. About an hour and a half in our carridge became the musical carriage. This group of lads started banging out drum beats on the walls and seats whilst others sung and two little kids danced. It was good to watch, would have been even better had it been in tune. Once back in Ja Ela I said a quick goodbye to most of the girls and then they were off, back to Kegalle. Sad times.

Monday – lazy day. I went to Ekala school one last time, ate ice cream & drank beer. Tuesday was great fun though. Me and Samie spent the day in Colombo, shopping etc but we met some random people along the way. First off was our tuk tuk driver who was off his nut, and proceeded to try teach us every bit of sri lankan he knows. He dropped us at a shop called ODELs which had all its xmas decoration up – weird seeing that. After a quick shop we walked up to the Galle Face road and went to the Inn on the green for one last pint … actually turned into four but never mind. I had to fill the time somehow whilst Samie was in some spa so cider and football seemed like a good idea. They also have British papers so I got to read about rangers losing … lost two in a row since my last update …. Probably shouldn’t have been so smug after the Cardiff result should I?! We then went mad and jumped into a tuk tuk with some random ozzy lad Andy who at first I thought Samie knew, but no he was a total stranger. Anyway we ended up drinking in the Hilton with this lad, very strange occurance. After another pint we went shopping in Majestic city and to the cinema, got to see the 2nd pirates of the carribbean for a quid, not bad. Our last meal in Colombo was in Cheers as was the first and then it was off home to bed.

And so that brings us to today, as I said Samie’s gone and tomorrow evening I leave (hate being the last to go). Destination Thailand, and then six days later onto Oz (Sharpy if your reading this, and if your not you bloody well should be, let me know what your doing with regards to Oz). So i’m really quite scared right now, but quite excited too …out on my own, its gonna be interesting.

So its goodbye to Sri lanka …. GREAT TIMES!!!

Until next time kids.

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