Six weeks are up, off to India on Sunday. Pretty much ready to leave, think 6 weeks was about right. Dunno if I’ll stick out 6 weeks in India though, might try to get to Thailand a week or so earlier than originally planned. Suppose that’s a bit naïve, India could be awesome.

So carrying on from last Thursday, football was indeed called off in the evening, just for a change. Went into Columbo for a bit, few drinks and something to eat in cheers before a couple more drinks in the Inn on the green pub. That was really good fun actually, we met a few Brits and Ozys who are working out here. Samie had met them a week or so earlier and so introduced us, had a good natter and a couple of ciders, in bed by 1am though.

hikkaduwaFriday we went down to Hikkaduwa, it was another beach although the effects of the tsunami was a lot more evident here than in Unawatuna. Just before we left Natalie arrived so her first couple of days must have been a whirlwind. We intended to get the train down again but ended up getting the bus. The bus was actually alright, air con, about as much leg room as you’d expect for someone my size, the only thing is the lack of personal space you’re afforded. In England if there’s three seats on a bus usually two people would sit on the two furthest apart, leaving the middle one free. Here however there’s not a chance of that, they literally come sit in your lap, and the girls get it a lot worse than me. Sri Lankans also cannot seem to stay awake for more than five minutes after they get on a bus, its like its compulsory to nod off. Usually this means on the nearest persons shoulder. All the way to Hikkaduwa I was conscious that the lad’s head next to me was getting ever closer and that dribble was surely inevitable – nice! I did manage a dry run in the end, good work by my right elbow ensured that. The hotel in Hikkaduwa was pretty nice if not basic, but it was right on the beach! The beach was not as nice as Unawatuna but it was still good. Rob met us later that evening, we ate and drank in the hotel bar, its was a fairly quiet one. Saturday was spent mostly on the beach sun worshipping. The sea was a bit rough but did have promise on the surfing front, but considering the locals weren’t venturing out I thought I best leave it. Saturday evening was really good fun, we went out and got something to eat then headed to a bar. The bar, named Funky der bar, was run by a load of local beach boys. The beach boys are supposedly notorious for ‘preying’ on western women and they’re drug use. There were a fair few drugs flying around at the bar but nothing too serious, oddly they hid most of it under the tablecloths. I suppose that way the police can’t pin it to one person. For all my concerns the beach boys were actually very welcoming and friendly. hikkaduwaWe sat for a fair time playing connect 4 and a Sri Lankan which I’ve cleverly forgotten the name of. At around twelve we headed to a beach party which we’d be told about earlier in the day, personally I thought it’d be one man and his dog there but it was in fact a full on rave with loads of people, both western and Sri Lankan. We had a dance and a few drinks, the Dj let rip with a mix of Barry White, Brian Adams and a few other classics, all dodgy house/trance remixes mind. Some of the Sri Lankans were well on it, what exactly they were on, who knows But I gather this party went on till about 7 the next morning, I crashed at 3, I heard Rob stumble back in about half 5 … good effort, although he did pay for it the next day. Rob was on top form over the weekend with his seemingly random mood swings, at one point he dragged me and Samie down this random path with the promise of crazy golf, half an hour later when we reach the place we are told in no uncertain terms that the golf place is in fact closed … cheers Rob.

Sunday was more sunbathing before getting the train back to Columbo. Just like the buses, you are afforded no space on the train. At one point I was in fear that the lad standing behind me was actually positioning himself to move in and hump my leg, he was that close. We had something to eat in the Inn on the green and met another of Samie’s new found friends who was a nice chap.

Monday afternoon I was back at the school and played my ace coaching card …. Round the pole. This game it fairly popular in pro clubs as half time entertainment, and is practiced in gardens around the world on a regular basis. Basically I got the kids to run from the edge of the 18 yard box to the penalty spot, when they reached the penalty spot they’d have to put they’re forehead on top of a broom I had bought along and spin around 10 times. As you can imagine after their spinning antics they’re balance is not what it once was, even so they still have to try direct a shot towards to goal. Making contact with the ball is an achievement at this point, let alone scoring. The U13s didn’t fair to badly actually, but some of the U15’s & U17’s were hilariously bad, several falling head over arse before they even reached the ball.

Tuesday I coached at the school in the morning, but the evening coaching at the club was cancelled again. We went into Columbo on Tuesday night to celebrate Sophie’s birthday. We went to an Italian restaurant called Echo. The food was amazing, but I just couldn’t eat it all. Sri Lanka has ruined my appetite, I just can’t eat what I used to be able to, I even left some pizza which I used to believe would result in death by stoning … and now I’m guilty of it. Samie again used her contacts, and the restaurant manager come up trumps, making Sophie the most amazing cake! Shame that a couple of idiots almost ruined things on the way home. I was in the other cab, but the girls cab got chased by a load of young sri lankans, probably trying to show off, still it sounded really quite dangerous. Its wound me up quite a lot actually since, me and rob were talking about it last night down the pub. Its one of those things you can’t change but keep mulling over anyway because if you were there you knew you could have done something about it. The girls are all ok though, I guess that’s the main thing. Over dinner on Tuesday night it came to light that the teachers are not having things their own way in the classroom. Sophie and Debs were teaching a class about positioning – next to, above, on etc. Anyway they wrote the sentence on the board ‘The pen is on the book’, simple enough you might think, but then along come the sri lankans with their awesome sense of humor and proceed to write in their books ‘The penis on the book’. That’s a good effort for kids as young as 9.

pamunuganaYesterday I was again at the school in the morning but had the afternoon free. So accompanied by Natalie we took a trip to Pamunugana, which is just outside of Ja Ela. From here we got on a boat and were given a tour of the local lagoon. It was really relaxing and well worth the 3 quid we paid. Saw some big monitor lizards, a couple of baby crocs and loads of different birds. Lasted about two hours in total. I have got a few pics of what we saw but my camera has literally just died on me so I’ll upload them next time.

Tried to catch the football last night with Rob but ESPN wasn’t covering it, doesn’t sound like I missed a lot, we just had a couple of drinks instead. This morning I went coaching at the school but due to the relentless rain hardly any kids turned up and even then we couldn’t do a lot on a water logged pitch, I’m expecting the club to be called off this evening as well. Must admit as bad as it sounds I’ve lost patience with the club, there are some really nice people there but it’s just not organized.

Tonight I think the plan is to go off to the Oz Embassy, which apparently will be providing a free bar. Tomorrow I’m off to a wedding party and Saturday I’m hopefully going the elephant orphanage. Sunday I leave for India.

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