Seconds out round three! Yep third week been and gone already. Supposed I’d better write about it hadn’t I …

Right then, my weekend at the beach. Myself, Samie and Nick got the bus from Ja Ela to Columbo about mid day Friday. The buses aren’t as bad as I thought they might be, I was under the impression your face would end up lodged in someone’s arm pit as they were so busy. But ours was relatively empty and it only cost about 10p, instead of 5 quid in a tuk tuk. We got off at Fort railway station and bought second class tickets to Galle. These tickets were another bargain at only 108 rupees (50p). Kind of puts the underground to shame, 3 quid from Uxbridge to Ickenham how do you justify it Ken? The train journey was around three hours, we all got seats and it was a fairly pleasant journey as the train tracks run alongside the coastline, lots of beaches to see.

So we arrive in Galle and have a quick look around, but in truth there wasn’t that much to see, a quick look around the fort and we set off for Unawatuna. Must admit I didn’t know too much about this place but Rob ensured us that it was good. We had a quick look around before heading to a hotel we had been recommended. It was a little hidden but so worth it once we got there! It was called Tambapani (my spellings are probably way off), and it was like a little oasis, a hidden gem. It reminded me a lot of the coffee shack hostel in coffee bay, South Africa. At 8 pounds a night was another steal. We had some dinner at a restaurant on the beach, before heading home to change and then to a bar called ‘happy banana’ to meet rob for a couple of drinks. I have seriously not been that hammered in years … drinking games can be utterly ruthless, especially when double parking. Nick was the first to be noticeably drunk, then me … I think. I remember going to the dance floor and supposedly dancing, although in truth I was just trying to stay upright but was finding it unusually difficult. We than apparently sat on the beach and I went on about how there was only one star in the sky that night. Why was there only one star in the sky? In reality there was probably hundreds I was just too pissed to be able to see them. The rest of the night … who knows? According to Samie, Nick found a male admirer on the dance floor. I not entirely sure how we made it back to the hotel but Nick made up a nice song for the journey entitled ‘Arak is not my friend’. Arak is the local spirit of choice out here and was in no way Nick’s friend that night. Personally I think it tastes like crap … each to there own I guess.

The morning after the night before …. F**K ME this hurts. The usual lines of ‘I’m never drinking again’ echo round my head. There’s no point saying it, it wont make me feel any better and its not true. We head to breakfast, and try eat something. Samie manages around 2 minutes at the table before rushing back to the room for fear of seeing last night drinks all over again. We then had an hour or so at the pool trying to piece together last nights events and waiting for Rob. Rob eventually surfaced and we went down to the beach. This was the mother of all hangover cures. What a beach! It was like something you see in a brochure but without all the construction work that the brochure fails to mention. We spent the afternoon lying on the beach and splashing around in the sea. Nick was later beaten black and blue by an inflatable ring much to my amusement! At one point on the beach I must admit I did have a ‘moment’ … would I rather be anywhere else at this precise point in time? … Nope! I did think about a lot of you back at your desks, and yes I did laugh …. extremely hard … sorry.

Saturday night was understandably quieter than Friday. We ate out at another nice restaurant and went to a sort of beach party at kingfishers. There was a Dj, a make shift dance floor and a bon fire. The drinks there were a joke, about a pound for a cup 70% full of vodka, the rest lemonade. I just smelt it and it burnt my nostrils, there was no way my stomach was going to be able to handle it. We played a few more drinking games, but only gingerly sipped at our drinks if we messed up … I eventually chucked mine. Nick did come out with another one of his great one liners … whilst playing zip, zap, boing in a fit of rag at Samie he shouted ‘STOP BOINGING MY ZAPS!’. You probably had to be there but it had the rest of us in stitches. The crazy Dutch woman and her shape cutting abilities on the dance floor also gave us a good laugh but it was too dark to video it.

The Sunday was spent by the pool and on the beach again before it was time to catch the train home. As luck would have it we got a great spot on the train standing right next to the bogs …. FAN bloody TASTIC. Once we were moving it wasn’t too bad actually, but it wasn’t my first choice. The train home was a little strange, firstly we were treated to a sword eating act and then we sat in darkness for the rest of the journey. For some reason I found it really strange sitting on the train in the dark, it did make the sun set look a lot better though.

Once back in Columbo we went to one of the big hotels, had some dinner and watched the Chelsea vs Liverpool & Man Utd vs Arsenal games. We did make it back to meet the new girls who had arrived over the weekend but weren’t very talkative and were soon off to bed.

I must admit its been hard work with the new girls, the first couple of days i felt like they were completely ignoring us, a I stayed in my room a fair bit as I felt uncomfortable sitting with them and just being talked around. The trouble was that they had all come in groups, obviously you tend to stick with your mates, but it still pissed me off a little that they seemed to have no interest in wanting to get to know us. Things seem to be steadily getting better though, I had a bit of a chat to them today and were all off out to Columbo tomorrow night.

This week I’ve mainly been at the school coaching. Tomorrow morning I’m off to Columbo with the u 13’s as they have a tourno. I cant wait! I didn’t like the school at first but its really grown on me. The kids are really sweet, and I’ve even got nicknames for a couple of them, ‘monkey & donkey’. I’m not being harsh, they come up with them! Donkey is such a cliché, he’s the funny chubby kid, I swear every school must be assigned one. He reminds me a bit of chunk for the goonies. He’s a right laugh though. Monkey is his sidekick, they’re a bit of a double act. Today the kids taught me how to count to ten in sri lankan … multi lingual oh yes! I find it quite funny that ever day is a laugh even though they understand very little I’m saying and I understand even less of what they are going on about. Ah well, long may it continue.

I did go to an entirely new club on Monday night but I wont be going back in a hurry! It was a nice setup but the lads there were the most unfriendly people I’ve met so far. I tried to get involved but they just waved me away. I did eventually get to play but was kick up in the air most of the night, studs up later became my one and only tactic having lost my rag a little … I was having such a good day as well! Ignored by the new girls ( I should be used to being ignored by females by now) and then the knobheads at that club. Put it down to experience and move on.

The rest of the week has been fine! Like I said I’m off to this footy tourno with the school tomorrow and then going to the cultural triangle over the weekend. I shall let you know how its turns out.

….To be continued (insert dramatic music … dum dum dum!)

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