I’m large, fact! I’m 6ft 2’ and have a waistline that seems to have a prolonged bloatedness about it. This combo does not bode well when in transit for long periods of time. If I have too long to think about how uncomfortable I am I can start to go slightly mad. That’s why whenever I’m on a long haul journey I make sure I have enough to keep me occupied and comfortable. This is my list of essentials …

Ipod/mobile phone

– An expensive item to take away with you, but the music and videos stored on it my preserve your sanity or lull you to sleep.


– Obvious one, but still valid I feel. Lose yourself in a random fantasy world, or read up on your next destination if you like to plan ahead.

Travel pillow

– If your over 6ft like me, many seating types won’t agree with you. Try and put your head back and you’ll most likely be staring at the ceiling as your head rests on top of the seat rather than against it. Travel pillows help avoid this painful and embarrassing (you’ll find your mouth drops open) position.

A project

– Something to work on will take your mind off of an arduous journey. A travel diary, sketch book or poem writing for instance.

Talk to someone

– You’re going to have to talk to people whilst you’re travelling, so why not talk to someone whilst you’re on a plane, coach, car or cart etc? You might end up having similar plans and then making plans together i.e. sharing a taxi from the airport to the city centre together, halving your costs.

Battery powered fan

– Obviously not so much for planes, more for coach or train journeys. Depending on your seat and the position of the sun your journey could get pretty hot. Most locals know which side of the bus/train will be cooler and will cram in on that side. Those not in the know will usually go for the seat with the most room … usually the ones that get hottest.


– Not a nice thought, but your journey could be pretty uncomfortable if your stomach doesn’t agree with something you’ve eaten recently, better to be safe than sorry.


– It seems an obvious one, but why not catch a few zzz’s and arrive at your next destination energized and ready to go exploring?

Thats my list, any other suggestions are more than welcome …