Day 6-9 Mini Summary:

Day 6 – Drive from Galway to Limerick via the cliffs of Moher –  It was a fairly straight forward coastal drive in the sunshine.  The cliffs were well sign posted, but there were lots of big ass coaches on the road also, ferry tourists from Dublin and other such places.  To see the cliffs we had to pay 6 Euro each, but that inluded parking, it was a bit of a bargain.

That evening we checked into a hotel and went on a girls night out into Limerick, not my usual scene, but as a I was the old lad around I was outnumbered and savagely beaten any time I stepped out of lime.  We ended up in a rowdy back street pub where the dancefloor was a courtyard and if you made it back from the bar with your glass still half full you’d done well.

Day 7 – Drive from Limerick to Newcastle West. Another night out – Limerick to Newcastle West is a half hour drive down one staright road so again no problem.  However Esthers friends Ciara and Timmy live on the edge of NCW and to get there its like driving through a maze.  To avoid getting lost we asked Ciara to meet us in town.  It was afternoon by the time we settled at Ciara and Timmy’s, and it wasnt that long before we were out again and frequenting another delightly drinking establishment … I dont drink this much normally honest.  We were taken on a mini bar crawl of NCW and met up with huge numbers of Esthers friends from when she lived there.

Day 8 – Stay in and die, eat chinese – that is all.

Day 9 – Say goodbye and drive to Shannon Airport before flying home to Heathrow – Sadly day 9 was the last day of our raodtrip, all that remained was one finally drive to shannon airport.  We waved goodbye to Ciara, Timmy and their little man Reece, and 4 hours later we were home (helps living 5 minutes from Heathrow).


Distance Covered:

Galway to Limerick via cliffs of Moher – Approx 95 miles
Limerick to Newcastle West – Approx 27 miles
Newcastle West to Shannon Aiport – Approx 42 miles

Shannon to Heathrow – Approx 369 miles by air

Cost Per Person:

Spending money £120
Accomodation at chain hotel – £17.50
Accomodation at Esther’s friends – box of chocolates
Petrol £15
Tab for care hire – £40
Flight from Shannon to Heathrow – £29

Roadtrip Breakdown:

Day 1 – London to Belfast
Day 2 – Belfast to Derry via Giants Causeway
Day 3 – Derry to Malinbeg (Donegal)
Day 4 – Malinbeg (Donegal) to Cavan
Day 5 – Cavan to Galway
Days 6-9 Galway to Limerick & Newcastle West