Day 5 Mini Summary:

We left Angela’s around 10 min the morning and headed straight to Galway.  Our original plan had been to hit Galway via Westport on the west coast of Ireland, but my right leg is a bit of a mess after many a’ footballing injury and the driving was taking its toll.  The weather was also pretty bad and we didnt fancy driving in the rain and arriving in Galway at the dead of night, we wanted to see a bit of Galway.

One of the most challenging things about arriving in Galway was navigating the one way system and car parking.  Our hostel werent all that hopeful with parking and we took a big chance in leaving our car where we did, I half expected to find it clamped the next morning.

FYI – if you are parking in Galway, there are about 4 spaces behind the cathedral that has no parking restrictions … we think.  Dont quote us on that, but we didnt get a ticket.

Once in Galway we had  wander around, got fat eating cream cheese and bacon bagels before Esther subjected me to an hour or so of shopping ergh … thank god for HMV.  The evening was much more enjoyable.  We took in a movie (The Avengers, its AWESOME!) and then set up in a little pub for the evening.  Bud on tab and some Irish dancing is a delightful combo.  As per usual Esther attracted all manner of



Distance Covered:

Cavan to Galway – Approx 106 miles

Cost Per Person:

Spending money – £40
1 nights hostel, double room – £14

Roadtrip Breakdown:

Day 1 – London to Belfast
Day 2 – Belfast to Derry via Giants Causeway
Day 3 – Derry to Malinbeg (Donegal)
Day 4 – Malinbeg (Donegal) to Cavan
Day 5 – Cavan to Galway
Days 6-9 Galway to Limerick & Newcastle West