Munich was the last stop on the agenda, sadly our time on the road (or maybe that should be rails?) was coming to an end.

We checked into another Wombats hostel which was nicely placed in the city centre.  We had a 10 bed dorm, but it was almost like a corridor, so the girls actually got their own little compartment at the end.

Esther, me and Ret

Esther, me and Ret

As with most travel days, we had arrived late in the afternoon, so by the time we checked in and made a mess in the room, it was about time to go for dinner and a drink.  I cant remember where we ate, but we landed in an Irish bar after an hour or so.  It wasn’t too different from any other Irish bar you’d find in a foreign city, terrible covers band – check, overpriced beer – check, but hang on, what’s this on the menu?  Beer and coke?  I must try!  Do you know what, its not bad!  I have since tried beer and cherry coke since getting home, and that’s even better!

Once the Irish bar got too cheesy, we headed to a drinking complex via a random underground train.  It was like walking into a shopping centre where every shop is a bar.  Unfortunately we were out of season so most were shut, but there was one bar that seemed to be buzzing so we headed for its entrance.  2 minutes later after a brief argument with the bouncers about not needing ID (I was the youngest at 26), we walked into a different bar … then stood open mouthed in horror.  The bar we (Esther) had chosen resembled a cemetery for soft toys.  They were everywhere, stapled helplessly to the walls and ceiling.  The not so friendly bar staff served us an overpriced shot of beer before we scrambled for the exit.  We did in the end find a respectable drinking establishment.  It was quiet but we still had a laugh.  Of the 9 people in there, a couple in the corner were taking turns to give each other lap dances, and most of the others like us were just sat at the bar chatting.  I’m not sure how we go there, but the night ended with the 3 of us swapping items of clothing … I’ll let you take that one and run with it as you wish.

The next day we day we decided upon another walking tour as they’d all so far been informative but good fun.  This one proved to be even better, our guide was brilliant and Munich was a very very interesting place!  However, our plans for the day were about to come crashing down, and we were scoffing down some kind of hot dog Rets phone came to life.  The message told us that our flight home had been cancelled due to the volcano in Iceland, and that we would have to either rebook for another flight or make alternative travel arrangements … oh sh*t, that wasn’t part of the plan.

Munich - Steins in the beer hall

Munich - Steins in the beer hall

We were set to abandon the tour so that we could look into making travel arrangements and getting ourselves some beds for the evening.  Luckily our tour guide was able to pull some strings and book us into Wombats for another night, so we continued with the tour.

The next few days were spent checking out of our room only to check back in a couple of hours later, counting our pennies but then pouring them into the internet terminals and try to book new flights home.  This was somewhat unsuccessful however, and whilst we had a nice extended stay in Munich,  getting to see Spring Festival (Octoberfests sober cousin), eat vast quantities of random red meat and drink in the beerhalls of Munich, we made an executive decision to get out of Munich or else we would run out of money.

We took what cash we had to the coach station (hitchhiking was considered but later dismissed) and booked some tickets for the next morning …


  • The beer halls 
  • The walking tour that leaves from the Wombats hostel
  • Try beer and coke
  • Eat red meat, it doesnt matter what it is, get stuck in.


PART 7 – ???