The Budapest Bubble hostel wasn’t the easiest place to find, and on first viewing, it didn’t look the greatest.  After a couple of days though we all  felt right at home and were on good terms with the two girls looking after the hostel.



We arrived in the evening, so literally dumped our bags and headed out for something to eat with one of the girls from the hostel.  We went to this really cool underground pizza place.  It was so very cheap, and the pizza’s were not only massive, but scrumptious.  I would eat pizza like that every day if I could.  After some food, we met some other people from the hostel in a cool student bar which had some live music pumping.  Plastic pint glasses were the order of the day, but we didn’t care, the beer was that cheap and tasty.  We sat around, getting to know all the others from the hostel, sharing travel stories and dishing dirt on one another.  The universal sign for ‘biker Jesus’ was created and we eventually staggered on. 

Next up was some crazy warehouse type party.  I think it was in the Jewish district, where we had been told that old abandoned plots were now being used as night clubs rather than remaining as eye-sores.  We were told that none of the furniture in the place was purchased, it was either donated (possibly meaning stolen, but I wasn’t judging), or found (again, possibly meaning nicked).  There were quite a few expats in there, along with some weird sculptures, a pommel horse, and other random ornaments. 

Its about this point my memory starts to fade, I know we went to another bar where there was a brief but vicious fight, but that was me done, we walked back to the buddle to rest our weary, drunken heads.

Two of us made it back at 5am, the other followed at midday … they shall remain nameless.

Esther and Ret not liking the ice cream

Esther and Ret not liking the ice cream

After a day of doom in which we could barely move, we just managed a walking tour around the city to learn some of its history.  The tour wasn’t quite as good as some of the others we’ve been on, but the guide did say it was his first ever solo tour.  That evening we got some oober cheap tickets to an Opera.  The Opera house was amazing, but our seats were severely restricted view and I didn’t have a clue what was going on in the show, so I cant really write about it.  We frequented the Irish bar for a bit in the evening, but our big night out had ruined us!

If time and hangovers had allowed, I would have like to have visited the baths in Budapest as the sulpha is supposed to be very good for you.  It did look rather expensive though, so maybe not for those backpackers on a budget.


  • Budapest bubble for a chilled stay
  • The baths


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