Hostels aren’t for everyone, they quite often don’t afford you a lot of quality sleep, some people aren’t comfortable with sharing rooms with strangers, expensive items have been known to go missing … BUT! … there are some really great things about hostel life, why not give it a go?


  • Generally cheaper than hotels, even for double or twin rooms.
  • Easy to meet people and make friends – one of the up sides to dorm rooms.
  • Good travel advice and usually offer discounted trips. Good hostels will have their own travel desk and help you get the best deals where possible.
  • Good source of employment opportunities and advice. Some hostels may offer beds for work within the hostel.
  • Parties – most big hostels usually have a bar or discount cards for bars nearby. A good way of having funa dn meeting new people.


  • Inconsiderate room mates and lack of personal space.
  • Clicks – these can form in big hostels where people have been staying for months at a time, it can be quite intimidating if you get put in a room with these people.
  • Lack of a good nights sleep – drunk room mates or people snoring.
  • Not always the cleanest i.e. shared kitchens.
  • Security (personal and possession) can be questionable at times.
  • Parties -depending upon how you look at them, what effect they can have on your room mates and if you value your own liver.


So neither Pros nor Cons outweigh the other.   Staying in a hostel doesn’t always mean sharing a room, many hostel offer double/twin and single rooms.  Sometimes if you’re in a small group you can often get a small dorm room between your group.  There are things you can do to combat the cons if they really mean that much to you, but my eyes, staying in a room with people you’ve never met before is part of the adventure.

In summary, the best thing to do is research if possible. is the hostel equivalent of TripAdvisor.  Read the comments from previous guests, look at the photos and look at the location using the map facility.  There are times when you’ll just have to check into the next hostel that you can find, or sometimes your hostels may be booked for you if you’re on an organised trip in which case you wont necessarily get a say in the matter, but if it is down to you and you want a pleasant stay, RESEARCH!