Hong Kong giant buddha

Giant buddha

To save us from the agony of a 24hr flight home from Oz, Dan and I decided a little stop over on the way home was in order.  In the end, Hong Kong was our chosen destination, and Dan booked us into a little luxury for our last two nights of the holiday.  By luxury i mean a double bed each (as opposed to bunk beds), our own little kitchen and a roof top pool with views of the harbour.  Sweet!

We only had a short time in Hong Kong, and it seems quite a hard city to navigate.  Unless you know where something is, there’s little chance of you stumbling across it.  On our only full day we managed to cross the habour by ferry and ride the tram up to Victoria Peak and take in the spectacualr views.  From there we took a train and then cable cars to the Giant Buddah.  It doesnt sound like a lot, but i assure you we didnt hang around that day and were both shattered by the end of it.

Our evening consisted of night markets and drinks at the hotel bar.  I wouldnt have minded finding some kind of nightclub, but my body was against it.  TGI fridays was as rock and roll as it got for us.

Hong Kong harbour at night

Hong Kong harbour at night

hong kong from victoria peak

Hong Kong from Victoria peak

hong kong roof top swimming pool

Our roof top swimming pool