If you’ve never slept in a hostel dorm room before, the first few nights can come as quite a shock.  There are a few unwritten rules that the majority of backpackers stick to, unfortunately there are those that step out of line on occasion.  Familiarise yourself with the below and you’ll be on the road to becoming an awesome room mate.  Awesome roommates meet loads of people, make lots of friends and generally have a fantastic travelling experience.  If you’re the roommate from hell you’ll be avoided like the plague and end up drinking on your own.  It pays to be a well mannered backpacker!!

  1. Be Friendly – Welcome each new person into your room with a smile and a handshake, they could become your good friend within no time at all.  They may also have some good tips for places you’re due to visit.  Take an interest, ask them where they’ve been and where they’re going, you could learn a thing of too from their travel stories.
  2. Tidiness – Keep your stuff tidy.  Each person only gets a limited amount of space in a dorm room, don’t let you mess get in other peoples way.  Chances are, if your keep your stuff tidy you’ll be less likely to lose anything.
  3. Drunkenness part 1 – If you’ve had a good drink, don’t come into the room and turn all the lights on, make your way to your bed as quietly as possible.  Drunk or not, a torch is a good idea for everyone, leave the lights off.
  4. Drunkenness part 2 – try your very hardest to make it into your designated bed, don’t just choose the nearest one.
  5. Drunkenness part 3– If you’ve had a VERY good drink, make sure you’re not sick in your dorm room.  Go to the bathroom.
  6. Parties – If everyone in your room is up for a party all good, but if one or two of your room mates are wanting to sleep, move the party on somewhere else.
  7. Other people sleeping – Respect those that are asleep, try and be as quiet as possible at all times.  That includes when checking out in the morning, maybe pack your bags the night before, it’ll allow you a bit more of a lie in as well as causing fewer disturbances to others that morning.  The rustling of plastic bags at 6am is not a welcoming sound.  Backpackers hate the sound of plastic bags in the morning, FACT!
  8. Sleeping attire – Put some clothes on, even if its roasting in the room.  Sleeping naked is not cool, your roommates don’t need to see those parts of you.
  9. Snoring part 1 – If you know you snore heavily, try taking some preventative measures so that you don’t keep the others in your room up all night.  Your efforts will be respected.
  10. Snoring part 2 – If someone does snore and keeps you up, approach the subject as a grown up, don’t just fly off the handle at them.  Buy some earplugs maybe, or if it gets really desperate ask for a room swap.
  11. Music – Turn the headphones down if people are trying to sleep.
  12. Peoples posessions – Don’t use other peoples possession without asking first, that includes seemingly trivial things such as chargers, its just polite.
  13. Smoking – Don’t smoke in the rooms, it goes without saying
  14. Food/dirty plates – Don’t leave used plates and cutlery around the place, you probably should be eating in the room, and other people should have to smell your leftover dinner from the night before.
  15. Wet clothes/towels – Hang them off your own bunk and no one else’s.
  16. Smelly shoes – wash them, put them in your locker or under your bed at least.  No one else wants to be smelling your feet (unless they’re very odd).
  17. Sexy time – No sex in the dorm rooms!  No explanation needed.