A lot of people put off taking their career break, for all sorts of reasons. They might want to stay in their job for a bit longer. They might want to wait until they’ve got some more money. It might even be waiting until the kids are older. But putting off your career break is a mistake, and here’s why.career break, halong bay

This might be the best time

You can’t tell of course, but if you’ve got enough money to go (or the means of earning while you travel), plus the opportunity to take some time out of work, it’s generally a pretty good bet.

Your job might change

The modern world of work is very fast-moving, and things change very rapidly. Right now, especially, there is a lot of job insecurity, and people are finding their hours cut, their responsibilities changing, or even that they’re being made redundant. If you’re in a position right now where you can take a sabbatical, you might not be in it that long.

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Your personal situation might change

Most career breakers choose to go away before they settle down and have kids. Of course, you can always take the kids with you, or wait until they are older, but many people find it easier to go before they start a family. It’s not just children who are a factor – as our parents or other relatives age, they start needing us too.

There are loads of options

Right now, the career break market is big, with tons of opportunities in volunteering, instructor training, language courses, TEFL, adventure travel, crewing yachts, paid work abroad… we could go on. It’s a growing market, with lots of companies offering exciting and fulfilling things to do, so you’re bound to find something perfect for you.

It’s now a right of passage

Just as the gap year became a common right of passage for youngsters, now a career break is a rite of passage for working people. You don’t want to be the one who has no stories to swap at the pub, do you?

career break, new zealandYou can’t put it off forever

Not if it’s something you really want to do. When you talk to people about regrets, they tend to say they regret things they didn’t do when they had the opportunity, rather than the things they did.

Only you can decide when is the right time for you to take a career break. But if it’s something you really want to do, don’t put it off a minute longer!

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