When I was working my way up the east coast of Australia it was evident that Cairns was the last stop for most people.  I suppose it was logical, it had an airport which would shepherd people over to New Zealand, or maybe even Thailand, but why?  Why were so many people ignoring what was right ahead of them (if they were facing north that is)?

As soon as I heard about Cape Tribulation I was going, my girlfriend at the time didn’t take much convincing either.  As parents had lovingly sent me a bit of cash for my 24th birthday and I lumped it on a 3 night tour of Cape Trib.

As a part of our tour, we stopped off at numerous tourist spots on route. First we swam in a stunning gorge where the water was freezing but crystal clear, next we went to an animal reserve and saw some cassowaries. After that we crossed the Daintree river and saw a massive croc before finally making our way to the Alexandra lookout point and walking along the Maridja boardwalk where we got to see the rainforest up close.

Our apartment where we stayed was 53 seconds from the beach (rough estimate).  It was an absolute pad!  Our evenings were spent playing uno and reading in the bar, no heavy drinking, just relaxation.  In the mornings we would try and catch the sun rise.  It was a great place to unwind after partying up the east coast.  Birthday money well spent.

Cape Tribulation

What I wrote in my diary at the time of my visit:

“It was spiders galore in the resort, but it was beautiful. One night we had a walk on the beach and it was full moon. I think that night will be one that stands out as a ‘moment’. It was like being in the Truman show for a bit and someone had turned up the brightness of the moon with a flick of a switch. You could have easily of pulled out a deck chair or laid down your towel and read a book. The beach was empty which added to the experience, we could have been the only people in the world at that point, it was one of those kind of moments. To top it off, just before we headed back in I saw my first ever shooting star … awesome!”

Cape Tribulation Sunrise

Cape Tribulation Water Hole