Bungee Jumping or Sky diving, which is it to be?  Both maybe?

So we save and we save and we save to go travelling, the 9-5, the unsociable hours, the graveyard shifts, whatever it takes.  We save our money and we get out, away from the crap and out into the world.  The saved cash serves us well, a lot of it naturally goes on the big three – accommodation, transport and food, that’s fair enough really, it’s money well spent in anyone’s book.  But a large chuck of my savings also went on jumping, namely off of bridges or out of planes, usually at a great height.  I’m not even fond of heights to be honest.

I could probably have saved myself a bit of cash and jumped on my tod, freestyle, without the help of someone who knows what they’re doing, but I would probably have fallen to a rather painful death, so in my opinion its worth shelling out that bit extra for the large man + parachute combo strapped to your back, or that length of bungee cord knotted around your ankles … it makes all the difference to be honest.  You’ll have a much better time.


So jumping, sounds easy doesn’t it … well it’s not, its bloody difficult and fricking terrifying, especially when a mate has just jumped and now you’re under pressure to jump too, you know you can’t bottle, even though the thought of it brings that horrid little bit of sick up your throat and into your gob.  That rancid taste will stick there too, like glue, no amount of chewing gum will shift it, nope not even soft mints.  It’ll only leave you alone once you summon the courage to take flight, do it wimp, DO IT!

… and then you’re airborne.

Whilst reaching terminal velocity your gut disappears, its still on the plane or on the bungee platform, its not stupid, but you are and the feeling of falling is truly terrifying, there’s nothing to grab onto, and nothing to stop you, you’re just falling.  Shit!

But then, you know what, this isn’t so bad, in fact its bloody marvellous, I’m flying, eat that bitches!  My god the earth looks amazing from up here.  You embrace your new found ability of falling from an incredibly great height at speed, it’s a skill, but then, then comes the moment of truth, the moment when the parachute of justice or the bungee of destiny hold’s your life in its hands (fibres), are they droppers or catchers?

… breath held, ass cheeks clenched ….

**I know and I’m sorry about the vid quality, these are old and were converted from VHS (remember that?) years ago.


Bottom line, jumping is awesome, you should do it!  My mum did a sky dive with me whilst in Sydney, 14,000ft,  and yes she rocks, but really are you going to let my mum out do you?  Jump you wuss!

Already been Bungee Jumping or Sky diving which is it to be? Leave a comment below about how awesome it was.