With travel becoming easier and easier, its no wonder that more and more people are spreading their wings and travelling to distant lands.  Some travel for the culture, some to meet new people, other for the enivitable parties that the traveling scene is notorious for, but not everyone travels in the same way.

As i’ve got older and found myself earning a tad more money, i’ve found myself shelling out that little bit extra for a nicer hostel, maybe a smaller dorm room.  Sometimes I go out to eat rather than ‘cooking’ super noodles in the hostel kitchen for the sixth night in a row.  My wants and expectations have changed slightly, some might even say i’m a flashpacker now.  There it is, FLASHPACKER, the buzz word, the word that has sporned hundreds of blog posts.

From Wikipedia …

Flashpacking is a neologism used to refer to an affluent backpacker. Whereas backpacking is traditionally associated with budget travel and destinations that are relatively cheap, flashpacking has an association of more disposable income while traveling and has been defined simply as backpacking with a bigger budget. The origin of the term itself is obscure.

I’ve seen posts try to define flashpacking, but surely eveyones view of a flashpacker is slightly different? … And that is the aim of the post, to see what other travelers and readers believe a flashpacker to be.  I’ve created the table below and inserted some data as to what the difference are between backpackers and flashpackers could be.  Some of the data is my opinions, other data is based on stereotypes.

No doubt everyone will have different opinions on the below, so lets hear them!  What have I got wrong, what have I missed?

  Backpacking Flashpacking
Bag Backpack Wheely case
Accommodation Hostels – large dorm rooms, rental car, camp sites Small dorm rooms, single rooms, guesthouses, cheap hotels
Eating out Local food stalls, Subway, McD’s, all you can eat buffet Sit down restaurant with waiters
Eating In Noodles, toast, spag boll Steak, stir fry
Travel methods Cheapest, local, 2nd class, green Air conditioned, quickest, comfortable,
Age 18 to mid 20’s Late 20’s onwards
Communication Phone and internet cafe Phone and laptop

 *Version 1.1 – style, favoured drinks, hair styles and bed times removed from version 1 as per comment from Travis.