So, after Brisbane and a ridiculous amount of spelling mistakes in my last post I have stayed in and explored Noosa. I liked Noosa, we got told that there wasn’t too much to see but I enjoyed it and I think Alexia did too (she’s still around, hasn’t run off … yet).

Noosa is quite small, fairly quiet but very beautiful. Its slightly more up-market, so naturally we fitted right in, no probs. We stayed at the Koalas resort which was half decent. It had a pool which made a nice change, our room however had been taken over by an evil race of vicious, man eating mozzy’s who took it in turns attack Alexia on an unpleasantly regular basis. I’ve got quite good at the one handed mozzy kill, but I’m pretty sure there was some kind of miraculous mozzy producing machine in our toilet. Every time I smashed one on the wall two more appeared … bigger than the last. Little b*****s! Luckily we had the most amazing roommates who provided so much amusement that half the time we forgot we were slowly having our limbs detached from our bodies. For no particular reason the five of us in the room decided to have a goon induced party, when you combine that with playing ring of fire it somewhat predictably ends up getting very messy. Steve spent a good hour voming outside before sleeping on an upside down goon soaked mattress. This was after Dave decided that we should all go cannonballing in the pool at midnight – pretty sure I’ve broken my toe because of that, its non too pretty. Not bad for a first night in a new place.

Tuesday we slept!

During the week we went to the beach where the Noosa long boarding comp was taking place. That was pretty cool, never seen a long board comp before, and it is so very different to short boards. It wasn’t a massive comp but very watchable. It’s so clever the way they walk up and down the boards WHILST being taken along by a wave. Later in the week we saw couples on boards performing gymnastic lifts! SICK!

*If this doesn’t make you laugh today then not much will ….

So …. God I’m lame …. So, after the surf comp and a bit of a swim we went for a wander around the shops. Now I’ve been banging on about getting my ear pierced for ages and I finally found my balls and went and had it done. Didn’t hurt too much, and I thought I’d got through it ok, especially considering I fecking hate needles!!!!!! It wasn’t until the nice lady who’d just rammed a piece of metal through my ear asked if I was ok that I started to see little pretty stars … oooh …. Ahhhh …. oh s***! Well you can probably guess the rest … yep, I actually passed out, fully out cold, sparko. I came round a few seconds late not knowing where the bloody hell I was, but when I did come round it felt like I’d been asleep for a good 8 hours. Alexia says that my lips went blue, I was shaking and everything! I’d like the think that the fact I hadn’t eaten anything but an ice cream all day may have had something to do with it, although I’m slowly coming round the Alexia’s theory that I’m just a big girl! And whilst apparently at the time she found it quite traumatic to see me looking like Casper the ghost on a pogo stick, she now takes great pleasure in telling everyone we meet … everyone! Still she did look after me so I can’t begrudge her her fun. Oh the shame!

Moving on quickly … On the Thursday we took a trip to Australia Zoo. That was a pretty interesting day, we fed elephants, watched a croc show, a koala show and a tiger show! The Steve Irwin memorial was tasteful and slightly moving, but in other parts myself and Alexia both agreed it was too much, almost tasteless and tacky i.e. They had a guy dress up in a Steve Irwin costume, that’s a bit tasteless isn’t it?! Who wants to be the person who dresses up as the deceased legend each day? He’s a bit of a legend, and obviously put a lot of work into that zoo, you genuinely felt that all the other workers knew him as a mate too. Also saw a python DIO a small lam … didnt quite know how to feel about that.

That night we had another goon party as it was our new room mates Paul’s 25th. Again with the litres of goon, again with the ring of fire games and again with the totally messyness! Hugh came up with a pearler of a rule – no swearing – this totally b*****ed everyone up and we got hammered double time. I remember doing a headstand in the room for some reason at some point before downing a pot of goon for $20 and then setting about cutting some major shapes in the hostel bar. Alexia found me outside at about 1 staring at the wall scoffing crisps after I’d thrown her around the dancefloor for an hour or so. They were quite tasty, but what I was doing out there I could tell you. Apparently I’d said I’d wait for her of the dance floor … close enough in my book.

Friday was a lazy day, we tried to have a walk through the national park but the heavens opened and scupered that idea. Instead we had a nice meal at the hostel and chatted to a Dutch boat maker and his nice American girlfriend. Early night.

On the Saturday morning it stayed dry and we had our walk along the coastal path within Noosa’s national park, that was beautiful, the sea looked very inviting and again the surf was very impressive! The worlds biggest ice cream soon followed (my ice cream intake has sharply risen since traveling with Alexia) before getting on the Oz bus to Rainbow beach.

A lad called Adam was on our bus to rainbow, I’d met Adam on my bus to Brisbane, and he’d stayed in Koalas in Noosa too. So we all got the bus together and checked into the YHA in Rainbow together. We only had the one night in Rainbow but in truth it was probably enough. Rainbow was even smaller than Noosa, it literally has about 8 shops, a bar and a surf club. That night we went for a drink in the hostel next door. There we met Vicki and Michelle whom I met in surfers originally. As it turns out Alexia and Vicki actually went to the same school, know all the same people and had been out with each other before – not as a couple, I mean out on the piss as part of a group. Just to make that clear. We also met a lad called Jamie who as it turns out is an actor on a break from shooting Harry Potter, he plays Marcus Flint in it. Captain of Slitherine apparently. Cant say I recognized him but he was pretty cool, had a long chat around the reading festival and music in general, good night.

The next day we had until 4pm before our bus to Hervey. We were happily sitting by the pool when we bumped into my original oz bus driver Forest (the one who looks like Harry from dumb and dumber). Anyway, so he’d quit and taken up a job in Rainbow, he took and few of us down the surf club which was nice, he was your stereotypical, cool, oz surfer guy. Everyone like Forest! We then went and got battered by some waves before the bus journey to Hervey Bay.

… And here in Hervey I now sit, we’re off to Fraser island on our self drive tour tomorrow and I’m just so excited. Neither of us have driven in a while but I’m sure we’ll be ok. Gald I’m doing this trip with someone, I’ve had a blast so far, Alexia’s been wicked fun, another legend I’ve met – even if she does tell me on a regular basis that I look like a lizard … do I really? … not sure how I feel about that!

We meet our group later which will be interesting, up at 6 tomorrow for what could be three of the best days of my life! I canny wait!

That’s all folks, see you next time.