So after leaving behind surfers i jumped on the Oz bus heading for Brisbane. But before we got the Brisbane the bus stopped off so we could all have a go at Zorbing. Zorbing is probably best described as a fun human washing machine. Its basically two big inflatable balls, one inside the other. You and the other riders climb into the middle ball, water is added and then your rolled down one big ass hill. Standing up is not really an option, sliding around on your ass with someone elses foot in your face very much is. It was great fun though and highly recommended! People also got down (and by that i dont mean dance) in front of the zorb and acted as ramps which added to the experience a little. I had a go at being a ramp too.

After checking into my hostel in Brisbane i went to meet Pete straight away. After a little wander ( i got lost) i found the bar Pete was in and set about consuming the student favourite – Snakey B. Also met Alexia again in the bar as it was under her hostel. We got chatting along with the girls she knew and it all culminated in one of these girls and Pete entering a dance comp which proved highly ammusing! They both done fine .. well pretty good actually. Some on the other hand were shocking, but this one Korean guy bust out some sort of break dance move and walked away with the 50 buck prize. Entertaining night!

Met up with Pete again the next day to go to Dream World, another of the gold coast theme parks. Was pretty good fun, would have been even better if we hadnt been sweating snake bite after little more than 3 or 4 hours sleep. Drunk the the same bar that night with Alexia and Pete and got very drunk very quickly much to the amusment of Pete and Alexia.

I checked into the Palace hostel the next day – the same hostel as Alexia and we sat down and sorted our buses up the coast because she decided she couldnt bear to travel without me … sort of. Its really cool, excited to be travelling with someone, especially her. We’ve booked all the way up to Airlie where we’ll do our Whitsundays trip .. if she hasnt already had enough of me by then … i give it a week … although i hope i’m wrong.

I spent the next two days walking around Brisbane with Alexia, we went to the art gallery, southbank gardens and its atificial lagoon and beach. Saw the city from the city cat ferry too which was nice and relaxing … ice cream soon followed as a reward for all our walking (caramel mudcake mixed with malteasers)!

On the Saturday night me and Pete went to a rugby game which was ok, although no one could seem to catch … kinda slowed the game down a bit. There were a few moments of brilliance though, but it finished with Queensland Reds losing. Next we went to watch the UTD vs Liverpool game (how did utd win that?) with Pete’s work mates. Being from Worthing Pete is obviously a UTD fan, all his work mates were scousers … even more reason to pick on the english lad the next day at work.

And that my friends was Brisbane … next stop Noosa.