Hey! Another shortish post for you. Just spent three days in Surfers … pretty cool place. Heard from more than a few people that it was s*** but as advised by Nick (good shout mate) had a couple of really cool days there.

Yeah so it was a cool place, but my time there could have been so much better because of one simple misleading phone call .. i’m still bitter! Basically, down at Coolengatta the quicksilver Pro Am was just starting and all the top surfers were in town, Kelly Slater and Andy Irons the stars of the show amongst all the others. So after our first night of bar crawling i thought my first full day could be well spent watching the surf whilst necking vast quantities of powerade. I signed up for some tour, but they told me it was off. Thinking nothing more of it I went and met up with Amy, Brett and CHris at wet n wild which was awesome. Spent most of my time on the lazy river, but did on occasion manage to drag myself out of there to go on some of the rides, doing well not to vom in the process (i’m just so classy sometimes i know).

Anyway so back to the surfing … turns out it was on … and i missed it. Alexia and her friends from her hostel all got to meet Kelly Slater and i didnt *throws toys out of pram. I did go down the next day but sods law (also becoming know as neils law) it was a lay day and the comp wasnt on. I did see a few of the pro practicing which was pretty damn awesome and the beach down there was beautiful. Bought another pair of boardies too. Good day but still reeling from the fact i could have met Kelly Slater … Alexia hasnt let me forget it either.

At night Surfers is a real party town, similar in ways to any Med resort with thousands ( maybe a slight exageration there) of bars offering cheap booze – score! A few hostels meet up and all drink together, and i managed to meet up with Alexia once more and meet a few of her cool friends. They were basically split into teams – team Canada, England and Sussex. Pretty mice people. We had a couple of cool backpacker reps at our hostel who sorted our lot out. We got free drinks galore, pizza and got to go to a club that was lined with double beds – so much more comfotable than my dorm bed which, probably contained bed bugs – nice! I dont think i moved from that bed, surefers never got to see the best of my shape cutting abilities.

So that was surfers, this may have contained very little other than me moaning about the surf comp, but honestly i did enjoy it! On to brisbane next!