Hey everyone, hows it going?

Just a short (ish) post for you today. As you’ve probably guessed, i’ve now left Sydney, and this time its for good. After saying goodbye to my meal ticket (thought you’d like that mum) I boarded the OZ experience bus which will, over time get me up to Cairns.

We had another night at surf camp as part of my oz exp payment, although it was at a different location this time. Spot X was ok, the surf wasnt as good as crescent head but still enjoyable one you’d waded through all the sea weed. I spent a lot of the day sitting out back talking to our driver ‘Forest’ who bears an uncanny resemblence to Harry out of Dumb & Dumber. A few people had a quiet drink down the beach that night but that was about it.

The next morning we set off for Byron Bay, all with aching shoulders and a craving for sleep. After a monumental F**k up by Forest we eventually got beds at the holiday village hostel. On the bus i’d got chatting to Amy, CHris & Brett. They ended up getting some swank appartment whilst i got a standard dorm bed … its not been too bad though, the three swedish girls in my room have help ease my pain with their insistence on walking round the room in next to nothing …. gotta love this travelling lark! THe others in my room were all pretty safe too, as were most of the people of the OZ bus.

On our first night out we all hit Cheeky Monkeys again, and just in time to see two girls competing over who could get their kit off the quickest, score! The winner (nice eyes!) won a free sky dive so i guess she felt her nakedness was justified. That night was pretty messy but good fun. One minute i was dancing, the next i was awake, suffering ever so slightly with 10 odd new pictures on my camera i dont remember taking. Ah well.

Each day has been a beach day as its awesome down here. The waves aren’t great for surfing but you can body surf and swallow gallons of sea water easy enough. On Saturday night i walked cape byron, up to the lighthouse to watch the sunset, that was quite spectacular. The path also took you to Oz’s most easterly point. Sunday morning was awesome. I watched the sunrise from a hot air balloon. Yep i went hot air ballooning, sweet eh?! Had an hour or so in the air, all very relaxing, a very odd feeling actually. We got to help set it all up, and pack it away … in the rain. The funniest bit is the fact they just land it anywhere, i.e. someones back yard. Then they go knock on the door and ask if its ok … bit too late surely. Anyway the guy who’s field we’d landed in wasnt around so they guys just dismantled his gate & drove the van in, packed up the stuff and then drove off again after putting the gate back together. Casual as you like.

Last night was just spent drinking in the hostel as all the clubs were shut. Played an entertaining game of ‘either or’, which can turn quite sordid and vile after a couple of drinks. I’ll spare you the details.

Today i’ve checked out already as i’m back on the bus after lunch, off up to surfers paradise. More beaches and the distinct possibility of a day at wet n wild. Look out for that post in a couple of days.

Thankyou please!