Pretty fish …. ooh …. ahh.


Welcome to Airlie Beach, the home of the whitsundays … and the spelling mistake. After a hasty trip to the jetty after my last update I have spent a bit of time sailing on a cateraman (blatant spelling mistake) around the whitsundays, AWESOME!

Our first day was spent simply sailing to our resort on the island of South Mole. The resort was immense! There was a golf course, tennis court, basketball court, swimming pool … and a bar .. two bars, hooray! The tennis court even had the best tennis balls which would definitely improve the tennis sports experience.

Our roommates on the island were fantastic, Faye couldn’t handle her goon and that’s always interesting. The lads from Bristol were just legends and a source of constant entertainment. The first night we all got involved in some drinking games, mainly boat races, which we lost, but it got everyone in the mood. I think most of the boat ended up thoroughly battered, or that’s how it looked when we boarded the boat the next day .. a few green looking faces. Faye had spent the night singing and dancing in our room whilst the rest of us were trying to sleep. Despite the fact everywhere on the island was shut she insisted shouting at us that we were all boring because we didn’t want to go search out any other bars. SHE GOT GOONED! … It’s a totally different type of drunk, try it if you dare. The lads were just on it, Alfie looks like a London geezer but dances like a London queen, Matt got his arse out at every opportunity and Alex just got hammered.

The sailing the next day was really good. We were told to expect rain but the weather was perfect, the water aqua blue and not a cloud in the sky. We sailed through did different islands for around two hours before we hit Whitehaven beach which, is rated as the number 2 beach in the world apparently. It was at this point that we mack’d out in our ever so flattering stinger suits (see photos for a treat!). We did (see I wrote did instead of done, aren’t you proud Alexia … she’s teaching me proper English) the cool thing and dived off the boat and swam to shore, well i say swim, the last couple of meters were a rather unfit, beer induced doggy paddle type thing. Made it though!!

The sand on the beach is 98% cillica so it was rather nice, you could polish all your jewellery up so it was nice an shiny. We spent a good two hours there admiring the views and splashing around in the sea. Again that night there were drinking games to be played but we chose to visit the other bar on the island, play the worlds longest game of pool, closely followed by the worlds second longest game of pool and then just chilled out.

Our final day on the boat was my favourite. The fact I had a slightly clearer head than the day before obviously has no bearing on this decision what-so-ever. We sailed to Cave cove where we were able to go snorkelling, SWEET! This was pretty amazing. It wasn’t as easy as I thought breathing through your mouth and I was soon downing
salt water faster than i would beer, but i got the hang of it in the end. There were a few fish knocking around, one looked again distinctly like a zap lolly. Didn’t see nemo or any other clown fish, but I’m pretty sure we saw gill, or one of his cousins or some distant relative. We had an hours snorkeling within which time we reeled off a whole camera film. I cant wait for our barrier reef dive now, see all the different colours, fish coral etc. Alexia’s excited too, although I think she’s more excited about seeing me in a stinger suit again … ‘hey everyone, come see how good I look!’.

After our snorkeling, we sailed back to Airle as our whitsundays trip came to a finish. The trip was perfect, we met some really cool people (some of which we never saw again, the Bristol lads never made it to the boat on the last day and were left behind we believe … snooze ya lose. The weather was perfect burning temp
and the landscape and views were jaw dropping. At times it looked like a film set, it was hard to believe places can look that untouched and perfect. What a trip!

Back in Airlie we met up with Trev again for a quick drink before crashing as another early morning awaited us, this time to Townsville and Magnetic island, buts that’s a story for another time (give me 2 or 3 days).


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