For someone who works the 9-5 I think I do ok in terms of seeing new parts of the globe each year.  Lucky for me that the company I work for lets me buy extra holiday too, so instead of 25 days annual leave, this year I had 35 days.  The royal wedding also afforded me an extra day or two.  In summary here’s where I went in 2011.


Scotland – Edinburgh – Whisked the mrs off to the Scottish capital for her 30th.  Only told her where we were going in the departure lounge.  Walked the cobbled streets and sat drinking next to cozy fires.  Grassmarket was the place to be.

Edinburgh Castle


Ireland – Cork and Limerick – Kissed a magical stone and visited the area my girlfriend spent 5 years of her life living (and drinking) in.  Met some amazing people and saw my first ever hurling game.

Blarney Castle


Greece – Rhodes – Manage to tear ligaments in my knee 10 days before going to Greece.  Spent the week on crutches but luckily we were all inclusive.  Ate lots, got fat.  Faliraki is dead, Rhodes old town is amazing!

Rhodes Castle, Rhodes, Greece Rhodes Castle, Rhodes, Greece


Poland – Sopot – Stag do.  We drank, danced, partied, burnt, had the stags kidnapped and rolled down a hill in a giant ball.  Think that just about covers it … oh and we left one of the stags in Poland to make his own way home.

sopot, poland


Lativa – Riga – Lads weekend away.  Watch rugby, drank, died.

Riga, Latvia


Malta – Mellieha & Valletta – A nice relaxing week away with the girlfriend.  Went 4* which is unusual for us.  Burnt a lot and travelled everywhere on buses.  Loved the capital city of Valletta.

Valletta, Malta


Morrocco – Marrakech – A long weekend in the African madness of mint tea, markets and motorbikes.  Totally paid for through advertising on my site (good or bad thing?).

marrakech, morocco

What does 2012 hold?

Well, Grenada is booked, yay.  On Feb 6th we fly out to Grenada and spend two weeks on the island where Esther spent a couple of years ‘growing up’.  Her mum and dad are currently on the island, chilling at her dads farm.  We intent to stay with her family on the farm for a week and then do our own thing for a bit over valentines, ahhhhh.  We’ll probably hire a car, seek out a few waterfalls, go diving, eat loads and sample the local rum.  I serioulsy cannot wait. 

Also on the hitlist for 2012 are … 

  1. Another trip to Ireland – Thinking of heading to belfast, picking up a car and driving the north coast before heading down to Limmerick.  Hope to visit Giants Causeway on route.
  2. Jordan – No not the so called ‘model’ who was married to pop ‘legend’ Peter Andre.  The country, the lost city of Petra, all of that shizzle.  Easyjet now fly a route there and so i might be taking a wee trip in that direction and playing Indiana Jones.
  3. Germany – Lads week away 2012.  We’ve pretty much exhasted Poland, so Germany is my mates next choice.  Starting in Berlin before heading west and eventually ending up in Amsterdam.   So really its Germany and Holland, but Germany mostly.  Hannover and Cologne might be the stop overs of choice.

…. 2012, I’ll let you know what happens.