Have you ever had that rather annoying scenario where you turn up to a hostel/hotel/tour/flight and proceed to rumage through your rucksack looking for your booking form only to be dissapointed at its non existance within said rucksack?  Tis a bit of a b*stard.  Some of you may have taken this one step further and proceeded to empty the entire contents of your rucksack onto the floor in front of you, determined that the booking form will materialize … alas it does not.  Bo**ocks.  What to do?

Right lets find an internet cafe, but which way and do we have time?  Do we even have any spare cash to pay for re-printing the booking details.  What do you mean Mr Internet cafe man, you have no printer?  I should uppercut you in your soul for such stupidity.

Ah ha, how about your smart phone, you must have a copy of the confirmation email somwhere within that tiny technological masterpiece, quick check.  WTF?  No 3G signal, no Wifi, roaming charges that mean i’ll have to sell a kidney?

… and as your stand there, teary eyed, feeling that life is conspiring against you, the rain from the dark cloud above your head starts to fall.  This is not a good place to be.

My Solution

Ok so the other week I had a voucher for my local cinema, 40% off, nice!  I got to the cinema tried to download the voucher on my phone but my phone was having none of it.  In short I paid full price.  Yesterday I went to the same cinema and again had a 40% voucher, but this time it was different, this time I had screenprinted the voucher.  It was saved as a photo and I would be getting my ass in a cinema seat at a reduced price.  I felt like a king, my girlfriend thought I was a little cheap, but I didnt care, I had beat the system … kind of.  It may not have saved my life (sorry if the title of this post was slightly missleading), but it saved me some cash and a lot of frustration.  :-)

In Summary

The message of this rather odd reading post, when you get confirmation emails for anything, screenshot the sh*t out of them so that you have an ultra last resort back up copy on your phone if needed.  Of course you phone will need to have some battery to be able to display the screenshot, but I cant do that bit for you, your’re on your own with that one.


– No app download needed, just hit the lock and home button at the same time for roughly a second. Easy!


– Much the same as the iphone by the looks of it.


– Crackshot or Capture looks like decents app to allow you to screenshot on a Blackberry.