‘OK Maps’

That’s all it takes with Google Maps. Two words, two simple words.  With these two words the world is your oyster, the offline world that is.

What do you do when you get lost whilst on the road?  I mean hopelessly lost, not the type of lost where you can enjoy the ride and go with the flow, I mean the type of lost where time is of the essence, where you start to panic, shake, sweat and potentially break down into a tearful mess.  Do you loath to turn on your smart phones data roaming functionality even though it has reached a point where it has become necessity?  Does the thought of your next bill and the charges against your data use send shivers through both your spine, and ultimately your bank account?  Thats how I feel when I get lost, but then I am a worrier and obsessed with time.

Anyway, whether you are a worrier or not, offline maps are very very helpful and a handy string to your bow whilst on the move.  Oh so easy to access, all it takes is two little words.

How to cache Google maps for offline use

Its real easy, just follow the steps below or simply watch the video …

  1. Open your Google maps app.
  2. Search the city/area you wish to cache for offline use.
  3. Once that area is displayed on screen tap the search bar again and this time type the phase ‘ok maps’ before hitting search again.
  4. That’s it.  You’ll see a loading screen and then a confirmation afterwards that your map has been cached for offline use. Result!


offline google maps

Can I still see where I am on the map even though it’s offline?

Yep, as per usual you’re the little blue icon.

How does that work?

A combination of magic and unicorns? … I honestly have no idea, but its awesome right?

Apple and Andriod?

Yep, same process for both.

What do you mean by rarely getting lost again?

OK so this isnt 100% full proof.  Some areas are not available for caching, so until they are I guess this isn’t a full proof solution, sorry.


… For the areas this does work on though, its pretty damn handy.  Happy travels.