Did you get tickets?  I didn’t (sad face).  London’s a pretty busy place, but in a couple of months it’s going to got a whole lot busier, encase you hadn’t heard, we’re hosting the Olympics.   It’s kind of a big deal.

The main Olympic site in east London is well under construction, the tube (underground) lines are all being shut down on weekends so that maintenance and upgrades can take place, and no doubt hotel owners and managers are sitting pretty, rubbing their hands together and laughing in a ghastly and evil manner as they bump up all their prices for summer months.  Supply and demand is a pain in the backside!

So the tickets weren’t cheap, and your accommodation won’t be cheap either, it’s looking like a pretty pricy summer if you were one of the ‘lucky’ few to get some 2012 tickets and are travelling to London this summer … or is it?  Does it have to be?  Do you really need to stay in a plush central hotel?  … or could you rough it for a few days?  I think you could, it would save you a bit of beer money.  It’s not like you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your hotel room is it?  You’ll be out watching the games and soaking up the atmosphere (and probably some rain).   So here’s an idea, why not look at some alternative forms of accommodation, something that’s a little bit more on the budget side, but essential still does the job.  In my humble opinion, I think that any of the below would be worth a shot, oh go on!

1. Hostels

I’m quite the fan of hostels as you can probably tell from this site.  Now why not sleep in a hostel this summer?  You’re worried about sharing a room with other people aren’t you!?  Well do you know what, you shouldn’t be, a lot of the time they’re really nice and can offer you some great tips.  Hostels are a great place to make friends, especially if you’ve come over on your tod, or in a small group.  If you really don’t like the idea of sharing a room, that still doesn’t rule out hostels, most also offer single and double rooms.  It’s just like a budget hotel really.    Hostel World and Hostel Bookers should be able to provide all you need if this is your chosen option.

wake up, sydney


2. Couch-Surfing

Can’t say I’ve tried it myself so I can’t wax lyrical about it, but I’d definitely consider it.  Why not?  Worst case scenario you don’t like the host, thank them and leave.  You could end up making a very good friend(s), and you’re staying with someone who has knowledge of the local area, great for both seeing sights and staying safe.  Couchsurfing.com

3. Camping

Yep, you can actually camp in and around London, i tell no lie.  Campinlondon.com looks a great resource for camping in and around the capital this summer.   It could almost turn into your own mini festival as there looks to be lots of entertainment being put on for the campers.  Only setback might be a touch of rain, it is England in the summer time after all.

4.  Renting

Maybe for the more long term of travellers, but it could actually work out a lot cheaper than booking hotel rooms for the duration of your stay.  The guys over at onefinestay.com use the tag line ‘live like a local’, and it’s not a bad idea.  They give you the opportunity to rent a holiday home in London whilst the owner of the home is out of town.  It’s a great idea, and it is no more difficult than booking a hotel room.  One of the great things about travelling and backpacking around the world is have the chance to immerse yourself in a local culture, hotels are great, but they won’t always get you as close to the action as other types of accommodation.

one fine stay

one fine stay

So, with all of these options available, you should really have very few problems finding some sort of alternative accommodation for this summer.  No need for thanks, this is what I do.

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