Ah Blogstock, what a weekend! A worlds first, and a mighty fine first at that.  Last weekend, those good folks who bought you Traverse attempted and succeeded in bringing to the blogging community something new, something a little bit different and a little bit brilliant.

I remember sitting in a London pub with one of the Blogstock honcho’s some time ago when they first told me (slurred at me) their grand and ambitous idea.  I was all for it from day 1, but wondered how exactly it would be received and enjoyed by the blogging community.  I needn’t have worried, it went down a storm … in every sense.

But what is a British festival without a bit of rain?  Personally I was a fan of the downpour on the first evening, as it bought everyone together in the main marquee and we had a right good party as a result.  It wasn’t all about the party though, naturally as with any conference there were speakers and helpful blogging related sessions to sit in on.  I went for the following …


  • How to get paid to write – Alison Perry




The above combined was quite a lot to take in over 24 hours, but every session I sat in on taught me a little bit more about blogging and how to progress this here blog of mine, and if given the chance I would happily do it all again next year.

Anyway, here’s how my Blogstock 2014 weekend went …