It’s back, or at least it will be … and in a shiny new format.  Travel Blogger Interviews 2.0 some might say … or not.  But 2.0 does sound cool, and to be fair this is a version 2 of my interview series, so 2.0 is pretty apt.

Anyway …

History of TBI

It must have been around 18-24 months ago now that I started a text and images based interview series whereby I simply created a list of set questions and fired them off via email to any number of bloggers.  They would then simply scribble down a few short answers which I would upon receipt post on this here blog.  It was interesting to use the same questions and compare answers, but over time I grew a bit tired of the format, I felt that the series was lacking in certain areas and that only a small part of each bloggers personality was being showcased.  I’m sure others felt the same too, because in reality the original series slowed over time and then completely died around the middle of last year.


Over xmas and nye I had a bit of down time and indulged in my own guilty pleasure (that’s a question I always ask) via Youtube.  Watching a number of videos, and having heard so many times that ‘video is the future of blogging’, I decided to resurrect the TBI series, but in a video format, so that you could see the bloggers, listen to their voices and accents, see how laid back or animated they each were when faced with questions about their passion.  I scratched my brain for other examples of video interviews being published across travel blogs I read and couldn’t find anything lurking up there in the old dome, and so decided to go for it.

Travel Blogger Interviews

TBI 2.0 Interviewees 

In short, I have so far lined up a little mini series of video TBI’s.  I have filmed 3, and have 4 more in the working (hopefully).  Whether the series ever passes a total of 6 or 7 interviews will be up to other bloggers and whether they like the series, and whether they too want to get involved.  Here’s a sneak peak at the list so far though …

  1. Macca Sherifi
  2. Michael Ball (he’s a travel blogger enabler, so still counts)
  3. Ed Rex
  4. To be announced
  5. To be announced
  6. To be announced

It probably won’t of escaped your attention that these guys are all UK based, and yes that was the plan.  Being as uncomfortable as I am on camera, I wanted to start the series by interviewing a few mates, and thus making it a little more comfortable my end.  These guys were all brilliant though, as you will soon see.

Unlike the last TBI series, you may also notice (once the video’s are released) that my questions are a little more personalised for each interviewee this time.  It doesn’t allow for so many comparisons among answers, but it does allow me to focus on individuals specialised areas, and hopefully I can coax a few tips/trade secrets out of a couple of them.  I like a bit of knowledge sharing, and am always grateful to other bloggers for help with my own blog.  Hopefully these guys are able to help you a little to!?

Expansion of the series

So, you’ll probably want to watch a few first, but if you’re a travel blogger and fancy having a few questions thrown your way by moi, please just let me know – top of the screen and in the top left corner you’ll see a little mail symbol.

Obviously you’ll need Skype and a reliable internet connection to take part.  Plus I guess time differences could pose a problem, but I’ll do my best to accommodate all.

It all starts next week – w/c Feb 9th

So that’s about it for now.  By the time you read this I shall hopefully have made it to France and be in the process of face-planting my way down the slopes of Valmorel.  Once I’m home though (Feb 11th), that’s when you can expect to see Macca’s TBI hit the blog, so go ahead and add that date to your diary so its not to be missed.  After that I’ll released the other interviews as and when I can, hopefully with no more than 10 days between each.

I hope you enjoy them!