Travel Blogger Interviews 2.0 – a new type of blogger interview, i.e. via video.

If you still don’t quite understand, I wrote a bit of a post about, explaining the reasons why I think video interviews are an improvement on my previous interview series.

First to raise their hand and subject themselves to my torturous questioning was my good pal Macca Sherifi.

A Travel Blogger Interview with Macca Sherifi, a London based author, blogger (obviously) & photographer. Responsible for Your Round the World Trip Planner.

I won’t give too much away because, well because I want you to watch it.  But what I will tell you is that this interview focuses on blogging and video creation whilst on the road, the difficulties and rewards from accomplishing such work whilst working in a team and carrying more than your combined body weights in equipment.

Macca can be found at …  +

If you want to check out Macca’s Ebook you can find it here

— Your Round The World Trip Planner – Macca Sherifi

Last but not least, here’s the video you NEED to watch, the one about Guatemala, its an amazing watch! …

That’s about it really, thanks for watching.