Travel Blogger Interviews 2.0 episode 5.

Yay!  We made it to 5 episodes, my target number when I first had the idea for this series.  Hopefully it doesn’t end at 5, but for now I am a happy man.

A huge great thank you to Mr Heyes for taking time out on his day of birth to taking part in this latest TBI, and talk to me about all things blogging, video, studying abroad and working with tourist boards.  It was educational and a lot of fun.

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TBI you say?

Sorry, in case you have no idea whats going on, TBI stands for Travel Blogger Interview.  I’ve hosted more than my fair share of written Q&A’s with travel bloggers, but this year I decided it was time to get a few of them on video so that their personalities could shine though, just as Simon’s did in this one.


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