Wow, up to number 8 now with this travel blogger interview series.  This time its the turn of Raghav who contacted me this past week, just when I was wondering where the next interview would come from.  Impecable timing!

Raghav has provided some great answers (i too got scared at Disney World), but I especially love the photo’s he’s provided.  Happy reading.


1.  Name? Raghav Modi

2.  Age? Quite close to turning 33 … Whoa! That just hit me now.

3.  Twitter Handle? @raghavmodi

4.  URL?

5.  Home Town? New Delhi for the first 20 years of my life and now Gurgaon.

6.  Current Location? Writing Desk, Bedroom, Home, Gurgaon, India, Earth, Milky Way, Universe.

7.  … Business or pleasure? Both, since I have my home office here as well as my home theater.

8.  Tell us a little bit about what you’re up to at the moment.  Best bits, worst bits etc.

Since I have my own business (exports) I’m busy with that while always on the lookout for a new venture or experience. I’ve taken up blogging and writing recently and my passion for films and photography keeps me busy as well. Everything aside, I do spend my day waiting…waiting for my daughter to return from school ’cause simply put, my world revolves around her. 


9.  First travel experience?

Thanks to my parents I have been traveling since I was 2 years old. Unfortunately, I don’t remember much from my childhood trips. “Supposedly” I have been on two around-the-world trips and to places I would swear i’ve never been too, but then there is always photographic evidence. I do however have faint memories of getting lost in a theme park in Canada, getting scared in DisneyWorld, and of a flight attendant who wanted to adopt me from my parents on a flight to Hawaii. 

10. Future travel plans?

My summers are mostly spent in UK traveling locally to places like Stratford-Upon-Avon, London etc., but I’ve also been wanting to do a Swiss tour via train along with my wife and daughter for a while now. I’m hoping I can manage that this year.

11. If you could go anywhere tomorrow where would it be and why?

Three places; firstly, I’d love to go to any Disney around the world with my daughter. Secondly, Japan. Although I was there as a kid, the country, people, and culture have always fascinated me immensely. Lastly, Greece because my one trip there has been my best trip ever, so far.

12. If you could avoid going anywhere tomorrow where would it be and why?

Surprisingly there are a few “touristy” places that just don’t interest me. South Africa, China, South America (because of the distance) are some of those places that just don’t have the same pull for me as they do for most travelers. I might visit them one day because I don’t want to say I will never visit them, but they are not a priority.

13. What 5 items would you not go travelling without?

  1. Passport (Visa)
  2. Money
  3.  iPad
  4.  Moleskine
  5.  back-up spectacles

14. Best bit of advice you’ve received?

My father has always thought us one important mantra for life that I try to live by. Loosely translated it means that you should never sleep with your legs outside your blanket. In other words, “live within your means”. I hold this true in life and in travel. 

15. Worst?

The problem with me is that I hardly ever listen to anyone. So whenever an advice is given to me, I will think 10 times about it and then when i’m confident about it, only then will I go ahead with it, so in the end it is always my decision. Having said that, not so much an advice, but i’ve always found making a “bucket list” morbid and although I don’t judge people who make one, I personally cannot and will not make one, ever.

16. Best bit of advice you can give readers of this piece?

 My advice to the readers would be that don’t feel pressured to do anything and everything when you travel. We all have our preferences, expectations, and likings. It’s good to experience and try to move out of your comfort zone, but it’s not compulsory. Traveling is not just backpacking. If you’d rather spend all your time on a private beach of your seven star hotel rather than a trip to the base camp of Mt. Everest, then do just that. 



17. Favourite ice cream flavour?

Butterscotch, even though I’ve never really had scotch in my life.

18. Curry or Chinese?

Indian Chinese. I eat Indian food at home all the time, so any moderation is always welcomed.

19. Apple or Andriod?

I’ve always been told that “an Apple a day keeps the doctor away”. So, Apple!

20. Blogger or WordPress?

Blogger because I’m used to it now and just the thought of changing to WP and learning all about it seems too tedious, even if it’s not.

21. Guilty pleasure?

I’m a movie freak, but I am in complete awe of Korean cinema which has some of the most amazingly honest and brutal movies, so I’m always on the lookout for the next Korean gem.

22. Hostel or hotel?

Hotel and the more luxurious the better. I’ve done my share of backpacking in my college years, so I do enjoy the luxuries more now.

23. Airplane seat – isle, centre or window?

Isle, definitely, for two reasons; anxious flyer so the last thing I need is to look outside and 6ft tall with long legs.

24. What song/album are you listening to right now?

 It would have to be the soundtracks of two Indian films called Rockstar and Zindagi Na Milege Doobara. The music of both the films is divine. Plus Zindagi Milegi Na Doobara is an amazing film that is all about traveling in real and towards a better life.

raghavmodi raghavmodi


25. Thank you for answering my questions, as a gesture of thanks I allow you one whole paragraph to shameless plug of your website …

Traveling Ticker is my little project that I started to document my travels because I realized I was slowly starting to forget about details from my previous trips. I also wanted to keep it as a sort of journal for when my daughter grows up. I also love to cover events that I attend and try and give as many traveling tips as I can about places, be it cities or even airports. Since I am a Sagittarius and tend to get bored real easy, I try to mix things up with articles, interviews, first impressions, top tips, so you are bound to find a nice little variety when you visit. Thank you.


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