I was asked at this years WTM how I qualify as a travel blogger if I don’t travel full time.  I guess its a fair enough question, but one that is at the same time wearing a little thin.  There are plenty of wonderfully talented travel bloggers who work for a large % of the year, their talents were recognised at the hostelbooker.co.uk travel blogger awards during WTM.    I think I’m actually repeating myself here as I may have used almost this exact same intro on a TBI a few weeks back, but to hammer home my point, this weeks interviewee is another extremely talented travel blogger who proves that you can do both – work and blog about travel.


1.  Name? Lucy Dodsworth

2.  Age? 34

3.  Twitter Handle? @lucydodsworth

4.  URL? www.ontheluce.com

5.  Home Town? Cheltenham, UK

6.  Current Location? Dead Sea, Jordan

7.  … Business or pleasure?

Pleasure – a quick week-long trip to escape the cold English weather before Christmas.

8.  Tell us a little bit about what you’re up to at the moment?  Best bits, worst bits etc.

I’ve been freelancing as an editor/designer for about 18 months now. I gave up my full-time London job after 10 years in the city and moved to Cheltenham to have a more laid-back lifestyle and travel more. Last year I spent about a third of the year travelling – doing all sorts of things from house-sitting in Paris, travelling around Bali and renting a ski chalet for five weeks. This year I bought a house so there’s been more working than travelling, but hopefully next year I’ll switch that back around.


9.  First travel experience?

Lots of family holidays to Normandy in France. We usually rented an apartment and spent the week building sandcastles and hiding from the rain under a groundsheet on various windswept Normandy beaches – I was a more adventurous eater then than I am now, tucking into prawns and brie at aged four.

10.  Future travel plans?

I always have to have a few trips in the pipeline. So far for 2013 I have a weekend in Porto with my best friend to celebrate 10 years since we did a big RTW trip together, Las Vegas and a road trip around the southwest USA in April, the Norwegian fjords in summer and then who knows where?

11.  If you could go anywhere tomorrow where would it be and why?

Anywhere warm! I’m into hibernation mode at the moment and don’t plan to move far from the fire until spring. The beaches and temples of Belize are high on my wish-list so that would do nicely.

12.  If you could avoid going anywhere tomorrow where would it be and why?

A cruise – I feel really seasick so avoid boats as much as possible. I did a cross-Channel ferry for the first time in years this autumn. Five hours in a borderline gale spent watching the horizon out of the window. A whole holiday like that sounds like my ultimate nightmare.

13.  What 5 items would you not go travelling without?

*My camera,

*my passport,

*a notebook,

*my smartphone

*and my first aid kit (must be that Girl Guide training!).

14.  Best bit of advice you’ve received?

“Don’t feel like you have to see everything”

My travel style used to be a lot more manic, trying to pack seeing as much as I possibly could in each destination. But I’ve relaxed a lot more now and realised that it is a holiday and there’s nothing wrong with a bit of aimless wandering and sitting about with a glass of wine watching the world go by. And sometime you find the most interesting things when you get away from the crowd.

15.  Worst?

“It’s an easy jump down those steps to the beach”

Manly Beach, Sydney – it wasn’t and I broke my ankle in two places and spent the next two months with my leg in plaster.

16.  Best bit of advice you can give readers of this piece?

You don’t have to save a fortune, give up everything and travel long-term to see the world – you can combine travel with work and home life, you just need to be creative with your holiday allowance and make the most of the time you have.


17.  Favourite ice cream flavour?

Coffee – can’t drink it but I love the flavour.

18.  Apple or Andriod?

Apple all the way, I’m an iPhone and Macbook girl.

19.  Blogger or WordPress?

WordPress (.com at the moment but I keep planning to move to a self-hosted .org site but can’t stop tinkering with the new design long enough to actually do it).

20.  Hostel or hotel?

Somewhere in the middle usually – private room in a posh hostel or a budget hotel, though apartment rentals are a new favourite.

21.  Guilty pleasure?

Lie ins, I’m terrible in the mornings and even when I’m travelling you won’t usually see me before 10am.

22.  Your chosen super-power?

Teleportation would be fantastic – no plane fares, jet lag or long journeys.

23.  Airplane seat – aisle, centre or window?

Aisle, I’m a bit of a fidgetter and always getting up and moving around.

24.  What song/album are you listening to right now?

I still can’t get Phil Collins out of my head after hearing the bar singer at Petra’s Cave Bar massacre it a couple of days ago. That horror is going to be hard to escape.


25.  Thank you for answering my questions, as a gesture of thanks I allow you one whole paragraph to shameless plug of your website …

My blog On the Luce is designed to inspire other independent travellers who might not be in the position to travel long term but want to make the most of their travel time. I share my travel tips, tales and photos from a mixture of trips – from weekends around the UK and in Europe to more far-flung exotic trips. Come and join me as I try to combine a love of travel with work, family and everyday life.


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