Travel Blogger Interviews 2.0 episode 6 … and coming to you only a mere 12 months after episode 5.

Good things come to those who wait … and wait … and then wait a bit longer. Sorry for the delay!

A huge great thank you to Karen and Paul of for resurrecting this series, and for taking time out of their busy week to jump on skype with me to get involved with the TBI series, and talk all thing travel blogging and responsible travel. Filming this interview was a lot of fun, and certainly worth a watch if you’re a new blogging just starting out, interested in volunteering and responsible travel, or interested in what superpowers travel bloggers would choose to travel with.

TBI you say?

Sorry, in case you have no idea whats going on, TBI stands for Travel Blogger Interview.  I’ve hosted more than my fair share of written Q&A’s with travel bloggers, but this year I decided it was time to get a few of them on video so that their personalities could shine though.  Hopefully you’ll see it as a success.