Uh oh, here comes trouble. Well you’ve all probably spoken to Becki either on twitter or at a London blogger meet-up, she’s a erm … social butterfly haha.  I jest, all round top chick and a great mate, she’s none to shabby at a quiz either.  Sadly for us Londoners its not long now until Becki’s off on her travels, leaving the bright lights of London for warmer climates. We will miss her long time, but to be fair, who can blame her?

Lucky for us though, she had just enough time to skive off her last freelance gig for a few minutes to answer a few questions for your reading pleasure.

HI, AND WHO MIGHT YOU BE?Backpacker becki

1. Name: Becki Enright

2. Age: 28

3. Twitter Handle: @BordersofAdv

4. URL: http://www.bordersofadventure.com/

5. Home Town: Bracknell, Berkshire

6. Current Location: London

7. … Business or pleasure? Both. Make money and then enjoy spending it on travelling

8. Tell us a little bit about what you’re up to at the moment.  Best bits, worst bits etc.

I’m currently on my four week countdown to my Round the World epic adventure. I am filling those weeks working my last few days in consumer agency PR, alongside making the most of the time I have left in my beloved city of London. I’ve turned ‘traveller’ here recently and have seen some good sights, but have to balance this with the paperwork and planning I need to do before I leave. I never realised that shutting my life down here for the long term would be so complicated. I’m excited and absolutely exhausted at the same time!


9. First travel experience? 

My first holiday abroad was to Majorca with a friend’s family. We were too young and chaperoned to be able to cause any carnage although I ended up snogging the ‘entertainer’ of the hotel. When you are a young teen that’s quite an achievement!

My first insightful travel experience was a ‘Third Reich’ history school trip at the age of 16 to Germany, Czech Republic and Poland. It showed me what travelling is really about – cultural immersion and learning.

I embarked on my first solo experience to Vietnam in 2007. I’ve had a serious travel bug since!

Backpacker becki

10. Future travel plans? 

I’m off to Berlin, before I head for Asian shores, for a long weekend. I went there as part of the above mentioned school trip but want to revisit with fresh eyes and a new perspective. I will also get to experience the nightlife that everyone raves about (bad pun).

On the 21st July I leave for an indefinite spell of worldwide adventure. I start in Mongolia, then head to China, North Korea, Tibet (if it re-opens) and Nepal. I’m then moving to Cambodia where I will be living and working (volunteering) for three months (in the hope of carving out a career in development there).

The adventures, of course, continue long after that…

11. If you could go anywhere tomorrow where would it be and why? 

Space… because that’s really off the scale when it comes to a measurement of ‘being off the beaten track’. In more achievable terms, Antarctica and the Arctic Circle. I remember watching Billy Connelly travel through the passages there and just thinking ‘wow’. I want to be a female explorer like that.

12. If you could avoid going anywhere tomorrow where would it be and why? 

Anywhere that resembles a drunken tourist hell-hole, like Malia and Kavos. Firstly, there’s nothing there that screams adventure, culture and challenge and secondly I got spiked in a place like that when I was 18 and never want to revisit that kind of environment. It’s damaging.

13. What 5 items would you not go travelling without? 

  • My Passport,
  • Money,
  • SLR camera,
  • iPhone and
  • A Lonely Planet.


14. Best bit of advice you’ve received?

“Toughen up!”

My dad said this to me when I was younger after years and years of being bullied. He was trying to tell me that I had to, in some way, help myself. I’ve grown into a tenacious, strong-willed and independent woman, so it must have worked somewhere along the line! I don’t think I would have this drive, or means to survive solo travel if I hadn’t have shifted to this perspective.

15.  Worst?

“Your parents are always right”

They are human, and they don’t know everything. There’s certain times in life when it really is best to make your own decisions.

16. Best bit of advice you can give readers of this piece?

Live for the moment and don’t follow conformity – the things in life that society and people around you promote as the normal path to follow in life may not necessarily be ones that make you happy. You only live once, so take a chance.

Backpacker becki


17. Favourite ice cream flavour?

That’s so hard. I’m a real ice cream fiend. Umm, cookies & cream or strawberry cheesecake of the Häagen-Dazs variety, although I love a traditional whippy with a chocolate flake. Yum! Or when you can be clever and mix flavours like banana and chocolate. I told you I like ice cream…

18. Apple or Andriod?

Apple. I’m obsessed with my iPhone, although sadly can’t afford the luxury of a Mac at this point in time. Boo :-(

19. Blogger or WordPress?

WordPress. I’m new to it (after using Weebly) but a total convert. I like it because it will make my blog work harder and because I am still learning from it.

20. Hostel or hotel?

Hostel. I’m a backpacker, of course! Plus hotels don’t always give you the opening for meeting people and having instant socialisation. But, the odd night in a hotel is a good way to recharge the batteries for sure!

21. Guilty pleasure?

Dunking biscuits and chocolate bars in tea. Very British and very delicious

22. Your chosen super-power?

Stopping or controlling time. That way I could sleep more and spend longer in great destinations and speed up those travel moments that are painful.

23. Airplane seat – isle, centre or window?

I like the window as I love daydreaming and taking photos. It also gives an alternative space to rest your head when sleeping. However, I am one of those annoying people who always needs to use the toilet so that seat isn’t always best placed!

24. What song/album are you listening to right now?

I’m more of a ‘shuffle’ kinda gal. I have everything from Glee soundtracks to Jay-Z – it depends on my mood and who I’m with. I’ve recently been listening to Creedence Clearwater Revival – Bad Moon Rising and Lucenzo feat Don Omar – Danza Kuduro as I had a friend over from Canada who I travelled with in Italy last year and these became our travel songs.


25. Thank you for answering my questions, as a gesture of thanks I allow you one whole paragraph to shameless plug of your website …

www.backpackerbecki.com is a solo female travel blog, driving travellers to new destinations and to visit the well-known, but with a focus on alternative sights and off the beaten track adventures. The essence of the information provided is from a backpacker’s perspective – travelling safely and cost-effectively – but with a focus on ‘travelling differently.’ Follow me on twitter @backpackerbecki or join my nomadic followers on Facebook: www.facebook.com/backpackerbecki


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